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Kaff Kitchen Chimney

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Buy Kaff Kitchen Chimney Online At McCoy Mart

The major purpose of any chimney is to take away heat and smoke from the kitchen, but the Kaff Kitchen Chimney has more to offer. Along with heat and smoke, it can remove food odor and grease by using the internal fan and specially designed Kaff Chimney Filters. These chimney filters can be divided into two types broadly, namely, ducted flue and ductless flue. While the ducts in the ducted flue help release the extracted air into the outdoors through the duct aposs support, the Kaff Ductless Chimney is where the extracted air goes through a charcoal filter, and the purified air is sent back to the cooking section. However, according to the Indian cooking methods, the Ducted ones are preferred because these vents are more efficient as they can adequately extract out the odor. They come up with various models of flues from which you can choose the one for your space. You can also select a wall-mounted vent or an under-cabinet vent, as per your requirement. This brand provides you with a plethora of designs for vents, which come in many shapes and sizes. With so many models at disposal, the function and installation types are bound to differ, led by various color options. Being one of the trustworthy brands, Kaff helps keep your cooking section clean and adds a modern touch to your space.

Features of Product

There are many features of Kaff Chimney Models; some of them are:

  • Suction Power

All the models have an excellent suction power, which sucks oil particles and odor properly. The suction capacity is ideal for Indian homes, as this kitchenette requires high air suction capacity. Some of the models have a long hose, which helps improve the suction power.

  • Filters

Another essential feature of the vent is its filter. If the filter doesn't work correctly, the suction power becomes low. This may lead to health hazards.

  • Motor

Each model of this brand's vent has a proper engine unaffected by the dust. They are generally made of aluminum and are non-sticky, for which they do not become oily or sticky.

  • Size

Another critical feature of this brand's duct is its availability of size. You can choose the one that suits your interior. A standard vent comes in 2ft to 3ft sizes.

  • Maintenance

You do not need to worry about maintenance as this brand's ducts are easy to clean.

  • Noise

Another essential feature of this brand's flue is that a silent kit is attached to some models. This reduces the noise of air circulation.

  • Aesthetics

While talking about features, aesthetics cannot be left out. The vents from this brand add aesthetics to your cooking space vibrantly.

  • Warranty

You get a guarantee of a year. This is the most critical feature of the vents from this brand.

  • Auto Clean

This company also offers you with Kaff Auto Clean Chimney. This is another essential feature of these models.

  • Split Vents

These models from the company have the motor fixed outside the cooking area, reducing the sound. This is the most important feature that these ducts have.

What Makes Kaff the Best?

Kaff evolves as one of the best brands because it provides you with a variety of options. These models have an aesthetic quality to them that enhances your kitchen and makes cooking easy and efficient. They are also available in conventional style and contemporary style from this brand. The conventional Kaff Chimney 90cm is usually made of stainless steel and is also one of the most commonly available models in the Indian kitchen. Besides being affordable, they never compromise on the extended features by adding ducts for the ease of cooking. Contemporary style, on the other hand, is majorly used in the modular kitchen. These Kaff Chimney 90cm Auto Clean models are made of stainless steel and are designer models with glass coating and crystal finishes. The color options are plentiful, including red, white, and blue.

There are certain things that you should consider before buying a kitchen flue, either online or offline

The pointers to be kept in mind are discussed below. Broadly, the following things should be taken into account:

  • Types of flue

To understand the pointers, types of the vent, and chimney filters, you need to know specific details and parameters regarding them. They are as follows -

  • Types of Vent

    • Wall-mounted - those that are attached to the wall adjacent to the cooktop
    • Island - they are hanging chimneys attached to the ceiling and placed at the center of the kitchen
    • Built-in - they are installed within the kitchen woods and drawers
    • Corner - this type is less in India. They are installed near the corner of the wall
  • Types of chimney filters

    • Mesh filters - have multiple layers of aluminum mesh
    • Baffle filters - it is a detachable and improvised version of the mesh
    • Carbon filters - these filters are similar to that of carbon filters in purifiers
  • The vent's suction power

The more the suction power is, the higher the chimney's efficiency. The capacity of suction is measured in cubic meters per hour. Ducts with higher air suction power are the best.

  • Size of the duct

The size ultimately depends on the space your kitchen has. If the height of your kitchen is standard, you can buy a 3ft model from Kaff. If the size is small, then you need to go for a 2ft one.

  • Design of the duct

If you have a modular kitchen, select a model considering your modular kitchen's space and interior. However, it is recommended to choose the flue color that matches your kitchen to maintain the color balance. For traditional kitchens also, you may avail ample models of Kaff and then settle for the one according to your preference.

  • Ducts of the vents

Consider this according to your requirement and the space you have. If you think ducts will be hard to manage, the Kaff Filterless Chimney is also available.

Why Choose from McCoy Mart?

Undoubtedly, Kaff is a brand worth giving a try because of the wide variety of products, and the Kaff Electric Chimney is another excellent addition. The brand, besides providing exciting features, also offers a great price point to shop affordable chimneys. You can check out the variety of models and vents from McCoy Mart and check the Kaff Chimney Price Online for better consideration.

Kaff Kitchen Chimney Specifications

  • Mount Type - Wall Mounted
  • Material - Stainless Steel with Powder Coating
  • Filter Type - Baffle Filter
  • 60 cm - Suitable for 3-4 Burners
  • 90 cm - Suitable for 4-5 Burners
  • LED Lamps for Better Illumination
  • Powerful Suction Capacity
  • Very effective in removing odor

Top Selling Kaff Kitchen Chimney Price List at McCoy Mart

Latest Models Starting Price
Kaff MEL BF Soft Push Control Kitchen Chimney (Black Matt Finish) - Heavy duty Baffle Filter - 60 cm
Rs. 6,235
Kaff FLO BF Heavy Duty Baffle Filter Kitchen Chimney (Matt Black Rust Free Coating) - 60 cm
Rs. 8,795
Kaff REL DHC Dry Heat Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney (Matt Black) - Heavy duty Baffle Filter - 60 cm
Rs. 10,434
Kaff OPEC TX DHC Dry Heat Auto Cleaning Technology Kitchen Chimeny (Curved Tempered Glass) - Heavy duty Baffle Filter - 70 cm
Rs. 15,473