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Kaff Kitchen Sinks

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Buy Kaff Kitchen Sink Online At Best Price! | McCoy Mart

Kaff, being the most visited and trusted India Brand, provides extraordinary and stylish built-in appliances for modular cooking units. Its advanced appliance making technology with a wide variety of ranges makes life in the heated cooking space pleasurable. Moreover, it provides revolutionary solutions to furniture problems with its salient, innovative style, design, and versatility. With a comprehensive and wide range of items, the brand helps build a healthy cooking space today. As the brand strongly believes in hygiene and sanitation, its incredible innovations with its advanced features are the kitchen sink. It possesses attributes to promote a radiant and attractive appearance to showcase sanitation in the cooking space.

Furthermore, let's get into a detailed view of the advantages of using this particular appliance.

Features to Consider Before Selecting Kaff Sink

Sinks are used at different places when considering the space for a house for example, kitchen sinks, which are essential furniture in that particular home corner. Nevertheless, there are many features this specific appliance should possess to make work easier.

  • Dimension

The size of the bowl is a significant factor to be considered. The size of the product must fit the space assigned in the corner of the kitchen. It provides a decent look at the cooking area in the house.

  • Material

Most common Kaff Kitchen Sink materials available are stainless steel and quartz. They both provide an excellent look at the corner of the cooking space. Above all, these two materials are the most affordable and most chosen materials for drainage purposes. This is because of its resistance to dirt collection.

  • Finish

Over the material, a separate coating of some of the best finishes is applied. These finishes can be a color or perform different roles. The most common color finish used in black or beige. Other than that, different coatings like anti-dust, ant-rust, and simple coating provide a radiant look to the product.

  • Depth

The depth of the Kaff Kitchen Sink depends on the under drainage system, the pipe's connection from the basin to the main drainage level. The most common depth of the washbowl starts from 215 millimeters.

  • Other

There are some different features that the brand adds to its basins. Some of these features include attachment of pads for noise control purposes, corner/pointed corners as suited.

Best Models of Kaff for Wash Bowls

Considering this particular brand to be the best kitchen sink manufacturer has many reasons. One of the main reasons is its variety of products for the washbasins. Here are the lists of some excellent products available for the consumers.

  • Olivia Series

The brand provides different categories of washbasins; two of such washbowls are from the Olivia series. Let's get to see some excellent features of the sub-categories of this type of washbasins.

  • KSD 46 SB

    • Kaff single bowl sink without drain
    • Stainless steel bowl with an anti-condensation coating
    • Thick sound reduction pad at the bottom
    • Dept of 215 mm with 304 grade material of stainless steel

  • KSD 60 SB

    • Kaff stainless steel sink with single bowl
    • Sound reduction pads on all sides as well as in the bottom
    • Comes with a depth of 220 mm
    • An anti-condensation coating spread all over it.

  • Casso Series

If the main aim of purchasing the kitchen washbasin is style with durability and longevity, this particular series is best. All of its kitchen bowls have Thich sound reduction pads on the bottom and all sides. There are four excellent sub-categories of this series, which are most commonly purchased and used.

  • KSG 21 SB BLK

    • Kaff quartz sink with metallic black finish
    • Single bowl with a depth of 203 mm

  • KSG 24 SB BG

    • Kaff granite sink with metallic beige/black finish
    • Single bowl with a depth of 204 mm

  • KSG 40 SBD BLK

    • Single bowl with 205 mm of depth
    • It is made of quartz attached with a draining board.
    • Comes with a metallic black finish

Moreover, these were the most common Kitchen Sink Kaff manufacturers. There are some other series, like Marco, Ashford series, which manufactures Kaff Double Bowl Sinks.

Planning to Buy Kaff Kitchen Wash Basins? Here are the Things to Keep in Mind

Here are some lists of tips/points to remember that one must remember while purchasing washbasins from this brand. To name some-

  • Function

What kind of features that particular washbasin possesses should be very well-identified. Whether the washbasins are a single or double bowl and what each means, all the essential characteristics should be asked before finalizing the purchases.

  • Price

This is a crucial point to remember. One must set up the price, whether buying from the store or online. After deciding the cost, that range of products available should be looked into. This will save lots of time as well as money.

  • Durability

One must choose such a washbasin that provides longevity, i.e., the wash basin's warranty. This is important to know as it helps understand the worth of money that should be spent on a particular product.

  • Style

One must also pay attention to the decor of the cooking space. A similar type of washbasin getting along with the kitchen helps in the optimization of the space. This also helps in increasing the value of the house when kept for sale. Hence profitability should also be an essential factor to look into. Moreover, it makes the space look attractive.

  • Professional Help

If one cannot identify the best type of kitchen washbowls, professional guidance would greatly help. Moreover, Kaff sink prices online is more affordable than the usual stores.

Kaff Kitchen Sink Specifications

  • Type - Kitchen Sink
  • Mount Type - Undermount
  • Material - Stainless Steel
  • Sink Style - Single Bowl, Double Bowl, Quartz, Drain Board

Kaff Kitchen Sink Series

  • Ashford Series
  • Renz Series
  • Ivano Series
  • Marco Series
  • Olivia Series
  • Carra Series
  • Casso Series

Why Choose McCoy Mart for Purchasing Kaff Appliances?

McCoy Mart is an excellent marketplace where no one should compromise when constructing and decorating a home. It is a platform that provides a buyer with fantastic contractors, architects, and suppliers. Moreover, our platform ensures that every customer has been benefited from its excellent service. One such excellent service provided to its customers is its affordable range of prices. Therefore, Kaff kitchen sink price here is very much in a field that can be affordable to its consumers. Above all, it also provides excellent non-seasonal discounts, which makes it a great place for purchasing. Therefore, purchasing Kitchen appliances from McCoy Mart provides one with secure payment and an easy returnable option.

Best Kaff Kitchen Sink Price List at McCoy Mart

Latest Models Starting Price
Oliva Series KSD 46 SB Single Bowl Kitchen Sink (Stainless Steel)
Rs. 4,690
Double Bowl Stainless Steel Sink
Rs. 6,990
Single Bowl Stainless Steel Sink
Rs. 8,490
Casso Series KSG 40 SBD BLK Single Bowl Quartz Kitchen Sink With Drain Board (Black)
Rs. 10,713
Handmade Stainless Steel Single Bowl With Drain Board, Siphon And Pipe Bar Sink - Black Finish
Rs. 11,990