Eurobond Natural Series – Inspired by Nature

By: | October 04 , 2022

Are you tired of living in the concrete jungle?

Want to move closer to nature? Well, moving to a new place might not sound realistic, but bringing the touch of nature to your space is now possible. Eurobond is the leading ACP sheet manufacturer in India, and it keeps bringing innovation in its products to match the changing market trends. And one such innovative product by Eurobond is its Natural Series.

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A series inspired by the natural elements and the beauty of nature. To create this series, the aesthetic look and feel of nature were combined with the durability of the aluminum. These natural-looking ACPs come in the following series – Wooden, Stone, and Marble Series.

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Wooden Series:

To bring warmth and elegance to the interiors, Aluminum Composite Panels from the Wooden Series were developed. This series has the aesthetics of natural wood while offering the durability of Aluminum Composite Panels. Besides being able to replicate the realistic look of wood, wooden ACP sheets have a variety of ACP advantages, including lightweight, durability, easy installation, eco-friendly, etc. The grains and textures of these panels are just like actual wood, which makes wooden ACP sheets the best option for urban architecture. It is an ideal ACP for applications in residential and building elevations. The Wooden Series ACPs of Eurobond come in different shades, textures, and patterns.

Stone Series:

Stone Series inspired by nature is another masterpiece of Eurobond from its Natural Series. The charm and the imperfection of the stones were the inspiration behind the Stone Series of Eurobond. The stone-like finish and pattern of these ACP sheets give the structures a natural, elegant, and rustic look. While creating visually appealing structures with these magnificent ACPs, one also enjoys the advantage of ACP like anti-rust, anti-fungi, anti-bacterial, lightweight, formability, easy installation, etc. Eurobond Stone Series ACPs are typically used in reception areas, bathrooms, kitchens, ceilings, partition panels, and external walls. 

Marble Series:

Marble Series with its exquisite new finishes offers the beauty of marble along with the features of Aluminum Composite Panels. The natural pattern of irregular veins, in a variety of interesting colours is perfect for creating a space inspired by nature. Even these sheets have features like –formability, lightweight, eco-friendly, easy installation, and maintenance, etc. The most common applications of Marble ACP sheets are in receptions, bathrooms, kitchens, ceilings, partition paneling, interior and external wall claddings, etc. There are a variety of hues, textures, and patterns in Eurobond Marble Series ACPs to create radiant and chic spaces.

Now, add the beauty of nature to your structures by using Eurobond Natural Series.

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