Different Types of Chimneys Used in Kitchen

By: | September 29 , 2022
Types of Chimney

Preparing Indian dishes requires an addition of a lot of spices and tadka. Nevertheless, this type of cooking leaves stains on your cooktop and wall tiles. Since the cleaning process is a long one, you might be distracted from cooking them. However, a chimney can help you in this matter. Once you install this product, you can do away with a grimy cooking room, watery eyes, and persistent odor. You can keep your cooking room clean and hygienic. So, read till the end to know about the various types of kitchen chimneys available. In general, the different kinds of this product are classified based on the mounting type. There are four types -wall mount, built-in, island, and corner. However, if you are wondering if there are other types of kitchen chimneys in India, the answer is yes! This product is classified into three more types based on the filters- meshed, baffle, and carbon. The models with different mounting types vary in shape and size from each other.

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Know the Different Types of chimneys for the kitchen and grab the one that meets your needs

  • Wall Mount

  • Built-in

  • Island

  • Corner

Wall Mount

As the name is, these types of products can be mounted on the wall. You need to have a cooking table near the wall to fix this type of model. It is one of the most common and popular types in apartments and homes. They are not only available in different finishes but also in different shapes and sizes. You can get them at both 90 cm and 60 cm models. Besides that, the wall-mounted models add elegance to your room.

They remain on a side and help in keeping the area clean. Whether your apartment is small or big, you can always use the wall mount models. They are mostly constructed from stainless steel that makes them last longer. You can also get filter options for wall mount models. Even some auto-clean models can be mounted on the wall.


If you are speculating on How to choose the best kitchen chimney, you must know about the types in detail. Here we discuss the built-in type that is quite prevalent in modular cooking rooms. They are also mounted on the wall but are fitted inside the cabinet or wooden furniture above your cooktop. In addition, their installation is such that the extra parts of the model remain uncovered.

Besides, not taking extra space and having a compact and sleek look make them attractive. If you have a small or a large cooking room area, you can also install them there. These models add much elegance to your cooking area. Unlike any other type, you have filter options, size options, also for this type.


If you are not particular about Which type of chimney is best for a kitchen with a cooking table in the center, you can opt for the island models. These products are hung from the ceiling and can be fitted anywhere in the room. They are ideal for a modular cooking room with proper space. Adding much to the aesthetics of your room, they are available in various classy designs. However, you must have enough space to let the product hang from the ceiling to not be too near the cooktop.


As the name suggests, these models are installed in the corner. If you have a small space and a corner cooking table, you can use these models. They are available in different types of filters and sizes. Apart from making your cooking area look stunning, these products easily fit in for their compact design. In addition, they have several finishes. Nonetheless, if you have a big kitchen, you can also fit in these if you own a corner cooktop.

Mesh filter

As you are interested to know about the Different types of kitchen chimneys, you should learn about mesh filters at the beginning. As the name suggests, this filter has meshes that catch any type of solid particles like grease as the smoke passes through it. The mesh is either made from stainless steel or aluminum. However, you need to clean the mesh frequently for the machine’s uninterrupted and efficient suction capacity.

Baffle filter

If you want to know Which type of chimney is best for an Indian kitchen, the answer is always a Baffle filter model. Almost all these products that are sold in India have baffle filters. The stainless steel meshes, which are curved, catch oil and other dirt while the fume is released. These reasons make the baffle filter the best option when asked Which type of kitchen chimney is best. You just need to clean them for a single time in three to four months. They don’t emit too much noise while working. However, it is very easy to clean these filters as they are available in detachable form. You can remove and clean it yourselves without much hassle.

Carbon filter

It is another type that comes up when you search Which type of kitchen chimney is better. They have a charcoal slate with holes which makes them better during operation. The holes absorb the dirt particles and grease. Unlike your water purifiers that have carbon filters, these items also have the same. They are well known for removing bad odor from food too. The carbon filters are also suitable for ductless models too. You should not worry much about maintenance and can clean in just twice a year. Carbon filters are one of the most famous Types of chimney in India.

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