Sliding Windows in Howrah

City: Howrah

uPVC Sliding Windows by Plasopan Engineers

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Aluminium Sliding Windows by IDEL India

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Price Rs. 650 Per Sq. Ft. Onwards/Sq. Foot
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By : IDEL India

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uPVC Sliding Windows by ARBUDA uPVC

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Aluminium Vertical Sliding Windows by Solar Innovations

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uPVC Sliding Windows by Gala Aluplast Private Limited

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Price 498/Sq. Foot
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Aluminium Sliding Window by Metco Marketing (I) Pt Ltd

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By : Metco Marketing (I) Pt Ltd

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Aluminium Sliding Windows by Biswas Trade

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Price 170/Sq. Foot
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uPVC Sliding Window by NCL Veka

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Vertical Sliding Window by Gala Aluplast Private Limited

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Price 700/Sq. Foot
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Sliding windows are best known for making the interior of the house look beautiful. There are several decorative options for the sliding window frames. These decorative options were brought to market for the house owners to choose the window frames to match their house interiors. Along with the decorations, precise specifications are also required to be kept in mind.

These specifications will also motivate you in a way to purchase sliding windows for your house. A Sliding window in Howrah is released to market only after all the specifications are tested and confirmed. Follow this article to know more about the decorative options and precise specifications.

Specifications of a Sliding window

  • The mainframe welding is done by fusion type.
  • The glass type used for a sliding window is Double pane.
  • It uses standard latches for ventilation.
  • Brass rollers are used for the slider unit to slide over the stationary part.
  • Each window consists of two French lever locks.
  • The mainframes are insulated using polyurethane.

Different decorative options for a sliding window

Sliding windows today are available in varieties of designing ideas. The beautiful frame types will awestruck you and confuse you at the same time. The decorative window designs include Brick mold frame designs and, decorative glass. Details about these sliding window frame designs are mentioned below:

  • Brick Mould designs- The brick mold design gives your home a traditional look. You can customize the color and look of your brick mold design. Sliding window manufacturers in Howrah gives you the flexibility to choose amongst many designs available.
  • Artistic Glasses- The designer glasses can also be introduced to the sliding windows. These designs will make your window look amazing, adding value and color to it.

When you choose a sliding window, make sure that the vendor should have all these specifications embedded in their sliding windows. After you are sure about the window quality, you can select the design you want, and you are good to go.

Sliding Windows Howrah Price List

Types of Sliding Windows Price
White Modern Aluminum Sliding Window Rs 200/ Square Feet
Aluminium Sliding Window Rs 155/ Square Feet
Powder Coating UPVC Sliding Window Rs 655/ Square Feet
Customized Sliding Window Rs 185/ Square Feet
2 To 4 Feet UPVC Sliding Window Rs 405/ Square Feet
Black, Brown UPVC Glass Sliding Window Rs 330/ Square Feet
Residential UPVC Sliding Windows Rs 590/ Square Feet