Aluminium Sliding Windows

Aluminium Sliding Window by AIS Windows

AIS Aluminium Sliding window is a combination of two sashes... Read More..

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By : AIS Windows

Faridabad, Haryana


Aluminium Sliding Windows by GR Fabrications

GR Fabrications has gained an admirable position in manufact.. Read More..

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By : GR Fabrications

Delhi, Delhi

By : IDEL India

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Aluminium Sliding Window by Metco Marketing (I) Pt Ltd

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By : Metco Marketing (I) Pt Ltd

Mumbai, Maharashtra


Aluminium Sliding Windows by Vinfy Engineering

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Price 180/Sq. Foot
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By : Vinfy Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Bangalore, Karnataka

Aluminium Sliding Window by Canny Asyst

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By : Canny Asyst

Surat, Gujarat

Price 190/Sq. Foot
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Aluminium Sliding Windows by S.L. Traders

Product Details: Frame Material Alumini.. Read More..

Price 300/Sq. Foot
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By : S.L. Traders

Gurgaon, Haryana

Aluminium Sliding Window by Dodia Architectural

Is the new ingenious sliding system of Alumil for minimal sl.. Read More..

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By : Dodia Architectural Pvt ltd

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Aluminium Sliding Windows by Biswas Trade

Product Details: Opening Pattern Vertic.. Read More..

Price 170/Sq. Foot
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By : Biswas Trade

Kolkata, West Bengal

Aluminium Sliding Window by Decor Masters

Decor Masters LLP is team of experts who have worked in mark.. Read More..

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By : Decor Masters

Delhi, Delhi

Price 250/Sq. Foot
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Price 200/Sq. Foot
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Aluminium Sliding Windows by Star 9 Aluminium Fab

Product Details: Opening Pattern Horizo.. Read More..

Price 200/Sq. Foot
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By : Star 9 Aluminium Fab

Bangalore, Karnataka

Wood Finish Aluminum Sliding Window by Royal Glass and Aluminium

We offer Wood Finish Aluminum Sliding Window to our clients... Read More..

Price 600/Sq. Foot
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By : Royal Glass and Aluminium

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Domal Aluminum Sliding Window by Royal Glass and Aluminium

Track Domal Aluminium Sliding Window Minimum.. Read More..

Price 300/Sq. Foot
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By : Royal Glass and Aluminium

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Aluminium Sliding Window

The aluminium sliding windows are used in balconies, rooftops, in hotels, in kitchen and dining area partitions for multiple uses. The aluminium sliding windows are simply beautiful and provide a perfect designer look to the interiors. The aluminium sliding windows are made up of aluminium frames and glass panels which make the windows create a scenic view for your homes!

The sliding windows are prepared with stainless steel bearings, sash corners, perfectly welded frames which can provide more strength and reliability to the windows. The aluminium sliding windows prevent rainfall effects, heat leakage and common problems like corrosion. The bearings and frames provide easy sliding and also save a lot of space. Prepared with high quality aluminium, the sliding windows are economic and long lasting.

Aluminium Sliding Window Sizes and Prices

Aluminium sliding window rates are quite flexible as per the size of the windows. The width of sliding window ranges from 2 feet to 6 feet while the height is 1 feet to 6 feet.

The price of aluminium sliding windows ranges from Rs 200/sqft to 500/sqft.

Aluminium Sliding Window Advantages

  • The pure aluminium metal provides a glittering and fine polishing
  • The powder coating makes the end product look new and classy
  • Aluminium can fight termites, corrosion, pitting and such issues as it is a nonporous element
  • The flat and clean aluminium also provides insulation from heat and leakages. Also, it is fire resistant which acts as a great material in areas like kitchens, industrial buildings, and stores
  • The balcony views get enhanced with the perfect combination of glass and aluminium framing
  • The installation of aluminium sliding windows is comparatively easy and also it saves a lot of space!
  • Safety and security options are also available to lock the windows

Aluminium Sliding Window Specifications

The aluminium sliding windows are made from different kinds of glasses like toughened glass, reflective glasses, clear glasses and laminated glasses. The windows are made with approximately 24mm of thickness and 300kg panel weight to run smoothly.

Making aluminium sliding windows is quite easy. Here are the steps on How to make aluminium sliding windows. First, measure the length and width of the window frame. Trim the aluminium frames of the same measure, use a metal filer to remove itchy edges, make the upper and lower window frames and frame of the insulation after leveling the window! You can also stuff the mosquito net in the window if you want an Aluminium sliding windows with mosquito net.

Crafted using best quality aluminum and modern techniques as per the market trend, aluminum sliding windows are acknowledged among customers due to its easy installation and eye catchy look. Sprucely designed with a few moving parts, the sliding window is of low maintenance and has a definitive design that would suit most of the architectural approaches. The window is ideal for location to the places with confide spaces and thus becomes your design statement in bathrooms, kitchens etc. The movable part slides over adjustable, low friction rollers along an aluminum track. This provides it a smooth back and forth movement to facilitate opening and closing.

Aluminum sliding windows have a rust free finish; have an excellent insulation from heat and sound and also meet the demands of safety from rotting and twisting. They also have a key lock system that adds to its security measures. The other features include easy maintenance; tempered glass support, superior air tightness and energy-efficient performance. They also feature interlocking sashes for increased window strength. McCoy Mart provides you with all the requisite product details along with the details of the concerned aluminium sliding window manufacturers and suppliers. We provide you with the best assistance of your needs and connect you with the accurate solution.

Aluminium Sliding Windows Price List

Types of Aluminium Sliding Windows Price
Aluminium sliding window, 1835 Rs 180/Square Feet
Rectangular Aluminum Sliding Window Rs 180/Square Feet
Polished Domal Aluminium Sliding Window Rs 400/Square Feet
Wood Finish Aluminum Sliding Windows Rs 750/Square Feet
Aluminium Sliding Window Rs 450/Square Feet
Anodized Aluminum Sliding Window Rs 170/Square Feet
Accura Aluminum Sliding Window Rs 350/Square Fee