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uPVC Sliding Window by Lingel

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uPVC Sliding Window by Prominance

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Price 2000/Pieces
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Aluminium Sliding Windows by Indecomal Exports Limited

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Aluminium Sliding Window by Metco Marketing (I) Pt Ltd

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Aluminium Sliding Windows by IDEL India

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Price Rs. 650 Per Sq. Ft. Onwards/Sq. Foot
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Aluminium Vertical Sliding Windows by Solar Innovations

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uPVC Sliding Windows by ARBUDA uPVC

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Aluminium Sliding Window by Dodia Architectural

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Vertical Sliding Window by Gala Aluplast Private Limited

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Price 700/Sq. Foot
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uPVC Sliding Windows by Window Magic

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uPVC Sliding Windows by Squareton windoor systems

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Aluminium Sliding Windows by Shivam Enterprises

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Aluminum Sliding Windows by Gmap Shreepad Enterprises

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Sliding windows are also known as 'gliding windows.' The operational behavior of these windows is horizontal instead of vertical like in other windows. These windows come basically with two segments sliding unit and stationary unit. The stable unit stays static as for its name and the sliding unit moves on it. This window type has variants in frames such as wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum.

The benefit of installing a sliding window is the ease to operate. A slight push to the slider unit opens the window instead of hard pushing and lifting done for other window types. Sliding window in Mumbai is usually more significant than the dual hung wooden window frames. It makes the look of the house appealing.

Approximate Price Range

The price for the sliding windows depending upon the size and frame quality starts from $450 and can cost up to $1300. These costs include installation charges as well, so the customers needn't pay any fitting fees. At times a buyer wishes to buy a sliding window set of six for his/her newly constructed home. The price of the same may range, starting from $3500 and can cost up to $8000. As stated above, the cost will vary depending upon the size and frame type selected.

Facts that will impact on the overall cost of the window

There are some of the events that will inevitably impact on increasing or reducing your total sliding window cost. Some of the facts are:

Size of the window- The format is the most crucial element to managing your cost. The price is based mostly upon the window size.

Materials used for the frame- Sliding windows are available in many structures. Each frame type carries a unique benefit. Some of the frame types are Aluminum, Vinyl, Fiberglass, wood, etc.

Labor charges- If the installation is done on the ground floor, the price will be comparatively less than if the installation is done in multiple storey buildings. The labor charges also include how many windows are being installed. Now, this might cost you less if you have fewer windows to install. 

Replacement of old windows- If you are willing to replace your old windows with new slider ones, that might add a little cost to your installation charges. The old windows need to be removed, cleaned, and then the installation can be done.

Additional costs for better benefits

There are some minor investments that you can make for your sliding windows to avoid the significant value in the future. Some of them are:

Removal of old windows- However, if you will ask your sliding window vendor to remove your old windows and install a new one, they will do it for sure. They will add a bulk amount in the overall price of the window. To avoid spending this bulk amount, you can contact your nearby transfer station and pay the minimum disposal fees of $2 or $3. The team will come and remove your old windows within no-time.

Heat prevention film- Slider windows using glass becomes the primary reason for maximum heat gain in the house. Applying a solar prevention film on the windows will prevent 60% of heat gain in your home. The cost for a single roll of the film starts from $50 to $250. One roll of this film can cover six large slider windows. It is a one-time investment.

The trims- If you are replacing your old windows with new, then you might need to change the trims around your window as well. It might not be necessary, but old trims do not go well with the new windows. It will cost you around $100 to $180 for each window.

Window Screen- Most vendors do not provide you with free screens included with the window. The screens are essential for only the slider part of the window. Screens for two windows might cost $40, and if you choose for six windows, it might cost $125.

Glazing panels (Double or Triple) - If you stay in an area where you experience high variations in temperature, then you can avail glazing panels (double or triple). Glazing panels are effective in keeping your home temperature reasonable if you use an air conditioner or heat blower. It will eventually reduce your energy bills over time. You need to pay $30 extra for each window to add a triple glazed panel to your window.

Grillwork- If you are replacing your old windows that had some grills installed. You need to replace them too. The new grill work might cost you $200 per window.

Sliding window manufacturers in Mumbai provides you with affordable prices for all the additional benefits mentioned above. They offer you the best quality product and service. They have a professional installation team who will suggest you some certain requirements for your windows.

Sliding Windows Mumbai Price List

Types of Sliding Windows Price
UPVC Horizontal Sliding Window Rs 390/ Square Feet
Aluminum Sliding Window Rs 305/ Square Feet
Brown Wooden Sliding Window Rs 355/ Square Feet
Conventional Sliding Window Rs 345/ Square Feet
Curved Sliding Window Rs 1,550/ Square Feet
Casement Sliding Window Rs 290/ Square Feet
Slim Sliding Window Rs 285/ Square Feet