uPVC Tilt & Slide Door Profile (EN62 Tilt & Slide) by ENCRAFT

uPVC Tilt & Slide Door Profile (EN62 Tilt & Slide) by ENCRAFT

] #EN62


The ENCRAFT Tilt N Turn window is designed to provide a European standard window option for fabricators and clients alike.  The window is available as part of the EN62 range and was designed to give the discerning end user a state of the art inward opening fenestration solution.  The ENCRAFT Tilt N Turn provides the client maximum design freedom due the large opening sizes that can be achieved and suits any window replacement program or building type in the fast growing construction industry.

The system is designed for the production of inward opening windows that provide a tilt option for secure ventilation and that accept a full range of hardware in-line with latest European standards used, and meeting all the latest product testing standards.  


Features & Benefits

  • Opening IN
  • Sash can be tilted inwards for ventilation
  • Sash movement inwards in front of fixed light
  • Sash will project 125 mm into the room (curtains!)
  • Double compression seal gives high dB sound reduction
  • 62 mm Outer Frame Depth
  • Enables Ventilation

Technical Details

  • Max. frame height 9’1”
  • Max. frame width  19’1”
  • Max. sash weight 160 kg
  • 4 to 36 mm glazing