Aluminium Casement Windows

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Aluminium Casement Windows by Alufascia Private Limited

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Aluminium Casement Windows by Solar Innovations

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Aluminium Casement Windows by Alupro Building Systems

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Wood Alu Casement Window by Hypfen Systems Pvt. Ltd.

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NC 50 I Aluminum Casement Window By Mixx Windows

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Aluminum Casement Windows

Aluminum casement windows are widely used in balconies, shop windows, commercial properties and rooms. The casement windows are paneled with glass and are framed with pure aluminum which is known as aluminum frame casement window.

Types of Aluminum Casement Windows

There are different types of casement windows which are used in different properties. Here are the types of casement windows:

Flush Casement Aluminum Window:

The flush casement windows are modern, clean and perfectly stylish. The timber windows have been replaced by the modern flush casement windows which are more reliable, strong and secure.  The flush casements are available in double glaze and triple glaze options.  The flush casement windows are available in different variations such as: Full casement, double casement, Bottom casement, Top casement, Double-bottom casement, Double bottom casement window etc.

Aluminum Casement Window Section

The aluminum casement windows are available with profiles of 22mm to 75mm.  The price of section is Rs 170/kg to Rs 400/kg.

Aluminum Casement Window Price List

Type of Aluminum Casement Window Price
White Rectangular Aluminium Casement Window Rs 180/ Square Feet
Grey Padmawati Extrusion Aluminium Casement Window Rs 400/ Square Feet
Standard Aluminium Casement Window Rs 200/ Square Feet
Aluminium Anodized Aluminum Casement Window Rs 330/ Square Feet
White Aluminium Casement Window Rs 255/ Square Feet
Polished Aluminum Casement Window Rs 295/ Square Feet
Plus Aluminum Casement Window Rs 195/ Square Feet

Standard size of aluminum casement window is:

Single gaze and double gaze thickness is 14mm

The length and breadth is 900mm to 1800mm and 600mm to 2400mm

Find different types of aluminium casement windows online along with flush, prices list & frame details for Indian homes. Request quote for latest designs and size details.