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Choose From The Best Range of Ezviz CCTV Camera Available Online at McCoy Mart

Whether you need to keep an eye on your child or pet or older people at home while at work, the Ezviz CCTV camera will help you. They are widely obtainable from all online and offline marts and especially on McCoy Mart. With the app, you can watch the surveillance video anytime and anywhere. So be it your office, and you can also keep an eye on your employees using this gadget while you are away. The surveillance devices from this company are available in many sizes. You can use it both indoors and outdoors. They are all wi-fi cameras, so they are equipped with the latest technology. While some of them are freestanding, you can mount some of them on the wall. Moreover, they are easy to install and do not require much space to fit in. They are a modern solution to modern offices and homes.

Learn about the different features of Ezviz CCTV

Before buying a surveillance gadget, you should know the features it has got. It will help you to understand the product in a better way and purchase the appropriate one. Though the features are the factors that distinguish between two items, yet there are some common ones to all. Some of the remarkable properties of the monitoring devices from this company are:

  • Easy to install: The vigilance lenses from this company are straightforward to fit in all locations. You can install them on the wall or keep them at a certain height to record the video.
  • Volume control: With the volume control feature of this brand's outdoor camera, you can adjust the dB in the way you want. The customizable features of these gadgets make them popular.
  • Real-time viewing: The real-time viewing allows you to watch the premises of your home or office on your phone, tab, PC, or laptop. You can download the brand app and stream videos live.
  • Night vision: As the natural light decreases at night, you need to find an alternative source to record videos. Nonetheless, you don't need to worry as you have the Ezviz 2mp camera or any other model. They have high-end LED Infrared lights that can record videos appropriately for a long time.
  • Two-way audio: The surveillance gadgets from this company have two-way audio communication. On the one hand, you can hear the sound of your recording, and on the other hand, others can also hear your voice. It allows you to communicate fast while keeping an eye on it.
  • Indoor-outdoor installation: Another essential feature of the Ezviz bullet camera and other models can be installed indoors and outdoors. They can endure all types of weather like heat, rain, and snow. In addition, they come with a dust and water protection layer.
  • SD Card Slot: An SD card slot is a crucial item that these vigilance devices are equipped with. You can record and store seamlessly using this feature.
  • Motion detection: All modern surveillance gadgets are equipped with motion detection that alerts during movement. The products from this company are also no exception and are incorporated with this feature.

Are you wondering why Ezviz is the best brand?

If you are speculating on why this brand is the best, then read the reasons below:

  • Since the brand's inception in 2013, the company has been manufacturing smart, convenient, and safe devices. The intelligent devices are customer-friendly with their AI technology and cloud-based platform.
  • You can use the products manufactured by this company at your home, workplace, stores, schools, and other places.
  • Moreover, the company also encourages the partners to share their unique cloud storage to create a thriving IoT system.
  • The Ezviz wifi camera price is reasonable. Thus, many people choose them. Moreover, the products are ideal for indoors and outdoors.
  • You can purchase the product from this brand at online and offline shops. They are easy to install and have a wide-angle coverage that ensures you don't miss any detail while monitoring.
  • The Ezviz 1080p outdoor camera and other models support wi-fi too. You can also get them in many sizes.
  • Their dust and water protection and night vision also make the vigilance items from this brand famous.

Know the things to check before buying

As you wish to buy an Ezviz wifi outdoor camera or an indoor one, consider certain things before buying. It will help you to have a perfect purchase. The factors you should remember and check are:

  • Size: there are several sizes of this product available. You can choose anyone as your requirement is. You can even consult your technician to be sure about the dimensions. The accessible sizes are: (105 L X 105 W X 95 H) mm, (88 L X 88.2 W X 119 H) mm, (54 L X 54 W X 90.5 H) mm, (75.5 L X 75.5 W X 155 H) mm, and (64 L X 64 W X 103 H) mm.
  • Color: Generally, the vigilance device is available in white. However, you can look for other options if you get one. The devices have such a finish that it suits all types of decor.
  • Price: The Ezviz 2mp camera price will vary from the other models. So, check the price list to know the exact cost of the product before buying.
  • Usage: Before buying, check the specifications to know whether the model you select is suitable for indoor or outdoor. The outdoor models come with water-resistant guards that are necessary when installed in the exterior.
  • Modes: Another essential thing to check before buying is the modes your device is equipped with. Generally, they are the day and night mode, dust protection covers, water protection layers, infrared lights, wifi, and others. Be sure your model has these necessary features equipped in them.

Purchase Ezviz Security Camera from McCoy Mart

As you finalize to buy vigilance devices, head to McCoy Mart to buy them. McCoy Mart has a vast stock of various products necessary for your daily sustenance. You can read the specifications, check the price, compare it with other brands and then buy. Moreover, you can get flat discounts on any purchase. However, owning a pro account will ensure you bulk rebates. You can find the Ezviz 2mp wifi camera price also from this store. So, hurry up and buy your desired item at affordable ranges from McCoy Mart.

Ezviz CCTV Camera Price List at McCoy Mart

Ezviz CCTV CameraSizesTypePrice
EZVIZ C1C 720p HD Resolution Indoor Wi-Fi Camera
(64 L X 64 W X 103 H) mm
Wi-Fi Camera
Rs. 2,148
EZVIZ C6N Smart Wi-Fi Pan & Tilt Camera
(88 L X 88.2 W X 119 H) mm
Wi-Fi Camera
Rs. 2,915
EZVIZ C1HC High Definition Indoor Wi-Fi Camera
(54 L X 54 W X 90.5 H) mm
Wi-Fi Camera
Rs. 2,608
EZVIZ C1C 1080p HD Resolution Indoor Wi-Fi Camera
(64 L X 64 W X 103 H) mm
Wi-Fi Camera
Rs. 2,608
EZVIZ C4W Outdoor Smart Wi-Fi Camera
(105 L X 105 W X 95 H) mm
Wi-Fi Camera
Rs. 7,517