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Fevicol Synthetic Resin Adhesives

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Buy Fevicol Synthetic Resin Adhesives Online At McCoy Mart

Synthetic resin adhesives have become popular as their use increased extensively. These bonds primarily wet the surface and then fill the gap in between to solidify it. As it hardens, it can bear the stress when used. This sort of bonding is also called chemical joining. The resins have properties like the plant resins. They are thick and are available in several grades. Some are manufactured by electrification or soaking. Fevicol Synthetic Resin Adhesive is an adhesive that is available in a white milky paste. This can be readily applied to join two pieces of wood together. Moreover, it is also resistant to heat and water. As it runs long, it is economical too. It can be applied for bonding woods, boards, plywood, MDF, laminates, sports goods, veneers, pencil, carpet, paper, and many more things.

There are Several Features of Fevicol Resin Adhesive. Some of Them Include:

  • Wax adherent helps in gluing different kinds of substrates. It also glues dissimilar objects easily
  • These adherents have high cohesive stability
  • It has flexibility, which enhances the peel strength
  • The high elastic modulus of these pastes helps in resisting the stress at the joining
  • Being resistant to diesel, fuel, solvents, and chemicals, the demand for these glues is high

Some of the Features of Fevicol Synthetic Rubber Adhesive are:

  • The glue is non-hazardous as it is free of benzene
  • It is preferred because it has outstanding bonding strength
  • As the glue dries up very fast, it is extensively used
  • Being resistant to water, it is used in damped areas
  • The texture of this glue is dark brown, and being liquid in nature, it is easy to apply
  • It has a peel strength of a minimum of 2kg per inch
  • This adherent is popularly used for bonding substrates in painted metal, galvanized steel, glass chipboard, PU sheet, leather, PVC board, and many other things

Some of the Features of Fevicol sh Synthetic Resin Adhesive are:

  • This product can be widely used in woodworks
  • They are suitable for bonding two surfaces, among which one is porous
  • The product is the most desirable to paste and join plywood, laminates, veneers, and MDF
  • They are the most preferred item in joining all sorts of boards and corks
  • The glue is a white color substance that is resistant to heat and water

Here's Why You Should Choose Fevicol as Your Brand for Your Requirements

It is always the quality for which Fevicol has distinguished itself from others. It has evolved as one of the best brands because of its usage that can be done in various items. From gluing paper in your project to fastening pieces of furniture, this adherent works everywhere. As it is tough to say when did this brand evolve to be the best one, it is equally challenging to say how it developed as the best brand. Fevicol is an adhesive that has glued itself with every person across the globe.

  • Uses

From pasting paper to furniture, it does it so well that you can trust this brand. From the trust it gained, the company became one of the best brands.

  • Diversity

The brand has a wide range of products, which helps the customers a lot. They can purchase the particular type of adhesive required for work, as and when needed. Using the specific kind of glue will enable proper pasting and finishing.

  • Affordability

Reasonability is one of the most significant factors for which this company is so popular. The prices of the various products that they manufacture are pocket friendly. This increases the number of purchases, which, in a way, makes it a desirable and famous brand.

Six Things to Take a Note of Before You Purchase Adhesives

Before purchasing, you need to consider certain things and options; you can choose the best adhesive. You should also think about which type of sealant would fit your requirement. Some of them which you need to consider are as follows:

  • PVA

They serve those areas best, which get damped quickly. They appear to be milky white but become transparent when they dry up. They also work as building adhesives and also work well on wood.

  • Rubber-based pastes

Fevicol Rubber Adhesive can be used for sticking synthetic laminates to wood. They can also be used to paste human-made boards and plaster. You can easily apply it over both the surfaces to be pasted and press them together so that it gets attached.

  • Epoxy glue

They can be used to glue materials, including metal, ceramics, stone, glass, plastic, wood, and glass. You should check the product label before buying because some products are there, which may not glue all the materials.

  • Flooring glue

These glued are synthetic latex, which can paste floor coverings to floors. They will not crack when you place furniture on the floor, but they can withstand a limited amount of water.

  • Tile covering glue

They are excellent for fixing ceiling tiles and coving the plasters. You can use them on floor roles, also like the rubber glues.

  • Polymer glues

You can use them instead of nails and screws to fix wooden objects and boards.

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