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Godrej Door Closer

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Rs. 1,720.00 Rs. 1,610.00 6% off
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Buy Godrej Door Closer Online At McCoy Mart

Gate closer is a significant part of your entrance which guarantees that the wooden entrance or glass entrance doesn't shut with a loud noise. They also ensure that your gate remains proper and does not get damaged due to banging. The gate retractor is made from an alloy sturdy and brings your gate retractor to the frame while shutting. They use a hydraulic mechanism that makes the product's use straightforward. Besides being long-lasting, it is easy to install and is generally available in grey color. You can use Godrej door closer, as this brand is trustworthy and one of the bestsellers in the market.

Look at the Features that Godrej Hydraulic Door Closer has got

While buying a gate retractor you must check its features to know more about the product. Features make the product different from one another. The features that this product has got are:

  • Can be installed anywhere: The gate closer to this company can be installed anywhere at right or left. It can also be fixed on the outside or inside of the gate. The product is completely flexible to mount. Even, you can install them on your gate panel or gate frame.

  • Gate opening width: This retractor can be opened at about 180 degrees. A person can easily move in or out through that.

  • Material and finish: Gate closer is made from stainless steel that makes it sturdy. Besides that, it lasts long and doesn't rust easily. The models are resistant to corrosion. Generally, they have a silver finish that matches with all sorts of gates.

  • Gate weight: The capacity up to which the models can carry the weight of the entrance differs from one model to another. While some of the models are capable of carrying the gate weight of 60 kg, some are capable of carrying a weight of about 40 to 100 kg. Some gates can carry weight in between 80 to 120 kg.

  • Flexible shutting speed: While closing or opening, the gates have a flexible speed at which you can control them. The shutting of the entrance does not happen with a bang. It occurs in a delayed motion.

  • Sturdy: Godrej concealed door closer is sturdy as it is made of strong material. Being sturdy lasts long and satisfies your needs.

Thinking Why Will you Choose Godrej?

Well, there are many reasons for which you will choose this company for buying gate retractors. The notable reasons to choose them are:

  • They are the best brand and the best-seller brand manufacturing numerous items other than gate retractor.
  • They deliver quality products which not only last long but also are easy to use.
  • The products from this company are made of stainless steel and not any other metal, making them sturdy and reliable.
  • This company has been manufacturing this item for a long time, for which they have become dependable and reliable.
  • Godrej door closer price is reasonable, and you will not have to dig your pocket to buy them.
  • They cater to the needs of the customers and manufacture products accordingly.
  • All these cumulatively makes this company evolve as the best brand in the market and thus, you should choose this company to buy a gate retractor.

Pointers to be Remembered before Buying

There are many pointers that you must remember before you buy a Godrej automatic door closer. If you abide by these factors and purchase your product, then you will have a regretless purchase. The things to be considered are:

  • Material: It is well known that all gate retractors are constructed out of stainless steel, but before buying, you must check once whether they are made of stainless steel or not. To do so, you must read the specifications properly.

  • Weight: The weight that the gate higher can carry is also an important thing to be considered. Various models can carry various weights. If you have an oversized door, then you must opt for a Godrej heavy duty door closer. You need to check the weight the gate retractor can carry from the specifications.

  • Color: The door retractor is only available in matte silver color matching all sorts of decor. You should read the specification to know about the color.

  • Mounting: Almost all the models of Godrej heavy duty hydraulic door closer have flexible mountings. They can be installed both inside and outside of the door. Even they can be placed either on the right or left of the gate.

  • Price: The gate retractor is available in many price ranges. It is assured that there are models with reasonable prices that everyone can buy. Besides affordable ranges, there are products with high ranges also. However, you do not have to dig much into the pocket to buy them.

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Godrej Door Closer Price List at McCoy Mart

Godrej Door Closer
Godrej New Door Closer C-071
(180 L x 67 W x 63 H) mm
Rs. 1,353
Godrej Door Closer Heavy Duty (UL rated)
Rs. 2,309
Godrej Door Closer Single Speed C102
Rs. 1,742
Godrej T72V door closer (CE certified)
(40 - 80Kg)
Rs. 3,196
Godrej T83H door closer (CE certified)
(40 - 100Kg)
Rs. 4,421