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Door Closer

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Are you a homeowner and wondering what a door closer is and how to buy it? Then, you are in the right place. In this article, we will be discussing the meaning of door closer, types of door closer and factors to consider when buying it.

What is a Door Closer?

A door closer is a type of hardware, which is mounted to a door. A door closer is mounted at the top of a door, godrej door closer, ozone door closer with electromagnetic door closer and frame. This piece of hardware allows a door to close automatically when it is opened. A door closer can be found in all modern-day buildings and offices. They play a crucial role in the safety and security of the premises. you can see godrej door closer prices with best offer.

Types of Door Closer

Apart from closing the door automatically a door closer performs various other functions. A hydraulic door closer and overhead door closer works efficiently fulfilling all functions. Door closers are available in various styles and designs. Basic Door closer types are of as follows:

  1. Concealed Door Closer:

    This type of door closer is usually used for a door that sees a lot of traffic. The front door of offices and buildings prefer a concealed door closer. Concealed door closer can be used on doors that open one side and double side. A concealed door closer is often preferred by people for its clean and sleek finish.

  2. Surface-Mounted Door Closer:

    The common type of door closer used in the industry is surface mounted door closer. This type of door closer comes in four different variations – slide – track arm, regular arm surface, parallel-arm, and top jamb mounted. Surface door closer doesn’t require any special types of equipment or preparation, it is easy to install and maintain.

Manual V/S Automatic Door Closer

A manual door closer functions by storing the energy in the spring when a door is opened. Later the spring releases the energy in the form of comparison or tension to close the door. A manual door closer can also be called as spring door closer, parallel arm door closer and magnetic door closer. Today to control the speed at which manual door closer closes the door oil-filled hydraulic dampers are used. An Automatic door closer and heavy duty door closer functions by opening and closing the door through some kind of control. The control can be in the form of a push-button or motion detector. An automatic door closer employs a proximity detector to determine when it is safe to close the door.

Usages of Door Closer

Door closer apart from acting as auto door closer they perform various other functions. Installing a best door closer is beneficial. Some of the important usages of door closer are:

  • Containment of Fire:

    The most important usage of door closers is it helps in containing the fire during breakouts. This is the reason why the door closer is installed to the front door or entrance door of the buildings. Now even sliding door closers are also available in the market.

  • Privacy:

    The next important reason for installing door closer is that they provide privacy by closing the door automatically.

  • Noise Control:

    Door closers also play a role in controlling the noise population. They act as a barrier and keeps unwanted noise entering the room or hallways.

What to Look for When Buying a Door Closer?

When you decide to buy a door closer follow these steps for picking a correct one.

  • Door Size:

    The first step to buying a door closer is considering the size of the door. Decide what size of door closer you need. The size of the door closer varies from 1 to 6. Take the help of the manufacturer to determine the size of the door closer based on the weight and height of the door.

  • Type of Door Closer:

    The second step in buying a door closer is choosing the type between concealed and surface closer. Concealed are cleaner and not visible, on the other hand, a surface door closer is visible and economical.

  • Decide on the Quality:

    The third step in buying a door closer is deciding the grade. Grade 1 is for commercial usage and Grade 2 is for residential purposes. Dorma door closer and Capsule door closer are some of the best brands in the market that provide quality door closers.

  • Look for Fire Rating:

    One important usage of door closer is fire containment at the time of breakout. So, when buying a door closer check the fire rating and a metal label that certifies it.

  • Decide on the Finish and Prize:

    The last step in buying a door closer is deciding the finish and prize. A door closer is available in different finishes like stainless steel, brass, and bronze. Pick a finish that matches or complements your current hardware. The door closer price in India starts from 1000 rupees and goes up to 2,500.

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Door closers are an important piece of hardware that plays a vital role in the safety of the buildings. Door closer online can be ordered from various sites or it be bought visiting a hardware store. But before you buy a door closer consider the factors mentioned in the article.

Door Closer Price List

Door CloserPrice List
Godrej Door Closer C071 with Pelmate arm
Rs. 1,473
Godrej Door Closer Heavy Duty (UL rated) (68Kg)
Rs. 2,131
Godrej New Door Closer C-071
Rs. 1,215
Kich Door Closer - Silver (Over Head-Hold Open-up to 90 Kg.) - DC522S
Rs. 1,839
Ozone CDC-3800E Dark Grey Concealed Door Closer (EN 3)
Rs. 3,582