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Hex Bolts

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Buy Hex Bolts Online At McCoy Mart

One of the most popular accessories for fitting automobile, construction, or engineering parts is hex bolts. These fasteners, also called hexagon bolts, are reliable for many construction projects as well as repair jobs. They come in different thread designs and finishes and can be used for a wide variety of applications and environments. They also come in different types and finishes, such as the aluminium hex bolt, for example.

Understanding Hex Bolts

It’s crucial that you understand everything about these fasteners before you consider purchasing them. There are fasteners that get identified primarily by the drive style. For example, the slotted drive or the Phillips drive are two examples, and these are unique as they come with hexagonal or six-sided heads. The bolt style is the standard in the industry for any fastener that comes with a forged head. A majority of these fasteners are generally threaded partially while there are also sets that come fully threaded as well.

Why Must You Consider Using Such Fasteners?

Stainless steel hex bolts or any other type are specifically made to fit construction and engineering projects across industries. This can be either on varied projects or even as materials fixing on one building. They are versatile and can be used to fix a multitude of materials and jobs as per need.

Hexagon heads are convenient as they can be used to grip tools from multiple angles and also controlled by hand. They can be loosened or tightened easily as there are plenty of options for you to utilize the tools from various directions. These fasteners are also excellent fixings as they get manufactured specially to meet the various tensile and environmental requirements.

When Can Hex Bolts be Used?

Whether it’s brass hex bolts or any other type, they can be placed with fasteners and for many infrastructural needs as they need high tensile properties owing to their base materials and design. They can be applied in many tight spaces with limited access as tools can efficiently work around them in multiple angles as there are six points available for contact. The different lengths, thread styles, and finishes can be implemented to fasten steel, wood, and many construction materials.

Their main uses in homes involve cabinets, tables, basins, light fixtures, and other applications in buildings as well. This bolt style is popular as it is a staple across the industry due to its diverse set of applications and variation choices.

How to Choose the Right Bolts?

From aluminium hex bolt or many other types, you need to consider the size, thread, and finish as per your needs.

  • Stainless Steel Bolts

These fasteners are resistant and strong owing to the way they are finished. The body is also made of stainless steel, and this makes it resistant to corrosion. It can also be used on locations with high-salinity, whereas other fasteners end up rusting quickly. They also do not require any coating to work. The A4 and A2 fixings also indicate the chromium levels are corrosion-resistant. No matter what type of stainless steel bolts you want to consider, we will be able to provide it for you at McCoy Mart.

  • Brass

These are another type of commonly finished fasteners with fixings, and it also looks good in addition to getting the job done. The thin layer ensures the steel is also resistant to any moisture, but this won’t prevent oxidizing or rusting in external environments.

  • Galvanized

These fasteners also creates a finish that is element-resistant. The fixing finish makes it cost-effective without the need for maintenance as needed. In case you plan on using cut bolts, then the finish disappears from unprotected metal.

  • Threading

Fully threaded: Hex head bolts and the other types are specifically designed to be used in fastening applications that are heavy duty. These fasteners can be threaded the entire way right to the bolt’s head and also makes them ideal to be installed into pre-headed holes. If the build is primarily focused on the strength of the grip and not on shear strength and alignment, then using a fully threaded bolt is ideal for fastening. Post application, the pressure is spread along the length of the fully threaded bolt, and maximum pressure applied right on the head.

  • Partial threaded

These fasteners also feature many unthreaded shanks beneath the head. This bolt style is perfect for alignment and resistance. For projects requiring force aplenty to stick and hold these objects in place, partially threaded bolts generally deliver the right amount of strength needed. For segments that are non-threaded, which is also known as grip length, there are no weak areas to prevent any strain. The fastening is generally resistant when it comes to the shear forces and vibration as the unthreaded portion is inserted right into a hole of the correct size.

  • Sizes

These fasteners, as is the case with many others, come with the size of the length times M. For any heavier applications, there is a need for larger dimensions.

Where to Purchase them?

With McCoy Mart, you can access some of the best fasteners in the business, supplied by reputed manufacturers such as Wuerth. We will be able to provide you with the best hardware products, and you can choose from a wide range of styles, as per your requirement, and make it easier to make a decision.