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Buy Hybrid Sealants Online At McCoy Mart

The hybrid sealants are a must for any construction or repair project because they help seal the gaps, fill in the cracks, and keep the two surfaces locked together. These are a great source of keeping things intact and ensuring that the construction is sturdy and long-lasting. While many sealants are used in construction for decades, the new-age construction hybrid sealants are the best bet as they are highly influential and can withstand any weather conditions.

What are Hybrid or Cross-breed Sealants?

As the word cross-breed suggests, these are a combination of several technologies and components to give the best performance. They bring in the best properties of urethanes and silicons to provide the most sturdy and high results. With these products, you can ensure that the bonding and durability of the adhesion are incredibly high. They provide the most advanced capabilities as they bring in the weather sustainability of silicones and the urethanes' strength in one product. 

These are an extremely viable option for heavy-duty projects in which you need a strong bond. These are an excellent match for materials like ceramic, metal, stone, wood, tiles, and polycarbonate boars. These are very useful in construction as well as creative projects to build, bond, and seal. hybrid polymer sealant are also great for all kinds of projects. They have a small quantity of VOCs, which are volatile organic compounds that help in bonding on different surfaces and are a great option to use in places where you cannot use the high odor compounds. Like schools, hospitals, and daycares where patients and children may be sensitive to high-intensity smells in such places, the hybrid bonds can be used with ease.

Where Can You Use These?

You can easily use these products anywhere you need high-intensity bonding as they are low in solvent and have very high reliable content. You can use these in heavy-duty construction as they have minimal solvent and thus provide high strength and stick to all materials with ease. The products with a higher percentage of solvents are not long-lasting and do not give robust bonding. On the contrary, solid bonding materials have more strength, and they do not shrink or crack even when there is extreme heat or cold. 

These products serve a great deal in buildings, sealing any cracks and gaps to avoid moisture or air inflow. 

  • These are used to fill in any gaps and cracks in construction; whether you see a little damage through your water tank or there is a crack within your door, you can use these with ease to fill out the breakage gaps with ease.
  • These products can also be used for filling out the gaps in any joints between blocks, tiles, concrete, ceramic tiles, and wooden frames with ease.
  • You can also use these in the door gaps and joints. A lot of windows and glass designers use them for window glazing. When fitting in chimneys and wooden frames, then the hybrid bonds work winders in keeping everything intact.

Works Amazingly Well

The hybrid adhesive sealants work amazingly for keeping and sticking two material surfaces together without any hassle, in any construction or repair project, and even any type of furniture. Whether you need to keep the window glass in place or ensure that the door is fitted together, you can do everything with the help of high-quality caulks and sealants, which are highly effective and robust. The high-quality hybrid ceramic sealant gives a perfect finish to any bonding without mess. Many adhesives are also available to use industrial glue guns, making the bonding agents highly convenient. The ceramic glue works well with any ceramic tiles and ceramic bathroom ware. Whether you want to put the tiles in place or want to ensure that the bathrooms' sanitary ware is reasonably fit, you can use the products for any purpose.

A Great Alternative

The hybrid sealants are a great alternative to the old-style solvent-based glue and caulk, which do not last very long. The traditional bonds are not very sturdy and often lose bonding when exposed to a high-intensity environment or wear and tear. There is a lack of sustainability due to extreme weather, and people also face problems like cracking due to extreme heat or UV exposure. There is also not very good resistance to odor, UV exposure, and water. On the other hand, the hybrid ones have extreme weather resistance; they give long-lasting results and do not crack or break out in moisture or UV exposure. There is a wide variety of hybrid polymer sealants available in the market, which are ideal for use on any surface and keep the two materials together. There are also marine sealants available that work well inside the water to ensure no leakage or seepage. The bonds are ideal for filling gaps, sticking surfaces together, and building up the broken pieces with ease. 

Buy Online at Best Price

At McCoy Mart, we ensure that you get the best quality hybrid adhesive sealant that you can use in your construction and home improvement projects with ease. There is no need to worry about the product's performance as we guarantee that only the best brands are available on our portal. You can order the sealants as per your needs at the most affordable price without any hassle. At your very own online store, you get all the items you need at the most affordable price delivered to your doorstep.

Features ESSR Bond

  • Non Slumping
  • Permanently elastic
  • Stain Proof Substrate
  • Weather Proof

McCoy Soudal 

  • High bond strength on nearly all surfaces
  • Excellent adhesion and extrudability
  • Excellent weather resistance in all climates
  • Paintable with all water-based paints

Hybrid Sealants Price List at McCoy Mart

Hybrid Sealants
McCoy Soudal Fix All High Tack White Hybrid Sealant
Rs. 545
McCoy Soudal Fix All Crystal Hybrid Sealant
Rs. 591
McCoy Soudal Fix All High Tack White Hybrid Sealant  (Buy 2 Get 1 Free)
Rs. 1,363
ESSR Bond EB 540 (High Modulus Hybrid Sealant)
Rs. 310
McCoy Soudal Fix All High Tack White Hybrid Sealant Bulk (Pack of 12)
Rs. 6,541
ESSR Bond EB 525 (Low Modulus Hybrid Sealant)310ml
Rs. 283
McCoy Soudal Fix All High Tack White Hybrid Sealant Bulk (Pack of 24)
Rs. 13,082
ESSR Bond EB 525 (Low Modulus Hybrid Sealant)
Rs. 422

Popular Brands of Hybrid Sealants

McCoy Soudal Hybrid Sealants