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Kitchen Roller Shutters

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Best Offer On Kitchen Roller Shutters Available on McCoy Mart

Rolling coverings are very useful for the kitchen as you can store cooking room items and accessories as well as other stuff in the cabinet and pull it down to keep them covered. Kitchen Roller Shutters are available in many forms and they can be easily bought from online marts. They are either made from glass or aluminum or acrylic. They help you in keeping your appliances and other items dust-free and safe. Besides that, they also make sure that the fashionable utensils you have can be showcased yet kept away from dust. They enhance the look of your cooking room adding much elegance to your room. They are attainable in many sizes and colors. They are also very easy to install and maintain.

Types of Kitchen Rolling Shutters

Modular Kitchen Rolling shutter is available in three types. They are classified according to the material with which the product is manufactured. The three types are:

  • Aluminum rolling shutter for kitchen

The aluminum models are the most common type of model that is available in the market. They provide proper protection and ensure that the items stored are away from dust. Though they are commonly available in silver finishing, other colors are also there from which you can choose. They are available in anodized finishing also. They have various widths and lengths.

  • Glass Roll up shutter for kitchen

The glass models are constructed from tempered glass which does not break easily and is easy to rollup. Installing them allows you to make the items stored inside visible. The glass is transparent. They are also available in many shapes and sizes. You can buy them easily from any offline and online marts. They enhance the look of your kitchen and are very easy to install. Their sleek design allows you to fit them anywhere you want. You can buy customized sizes according to your requirement.

  • Acrylic Kitchen roller shutter door

The Acrylic models also have a transparent look. However, they have a texture of the net that allows you to see through it. You can keep fashionable utensils or appliances behind them to protect them from dust and flies. You can also store grocery items in it and prevent them from the attacks of moths or other types of insects. They make your kitchen look much more beautiful. They can be bought in various sizes as per your requirement. Their flat design allows you to fit them anywhere you want.

Which is the best brand?

Choosing the Best kitchen roller shutters brand is not that easy as many brands manufacture them. This guide will help you to know about the best brand upon which you can rely. The best brand to trust for buying a cooking room rolling covering is Ozone.

Ozone has been manufacturing quality products for a long time. They cater to the needs of the customers while manufacturing products. Besides that, they are also available in all leading online and offline marts. They have been a pioneer in this field. The products they have are easy to install. You can choose from a variety of options they have. Moreover, their products are available in many sizes, giving you the chance to choose from one that will be ideal for your cooking room. All these collectively make it the best brand and thus you should choose Ozone.

Pointers to Remember Before Buying

There are certain things that you need to check before you buy various products. Similarly, before you Buy kitchen roller shutters you should also check certain things. Remembering the pointers to check before buying will ensure you with proper purchase. It will also ensure that you don't purchase a product that is a misfit. The things to consider before buying are:

  • Material

Choosing the material will in a way help you select the type of product you want to buy. As the types are classified according to the material. There are three types of material as discussed above, aluminum, glass, and acrylic. You can choose anyone depending upon your choice and requirement. If you want the covering for your utensil rack, you can buy the glass or acrylic model.

  • Color

Mostly, there are not too many color preferences that you get. Roller shutter for kitchen cabinets aluminum models are available in anodized finishes and the glass and acrylic models are again transparent and silver finishes.

  • Size

The size of the models varies from one another and you can choose the size that you think is suitable for the place you want to fit it in. The models are sleek and thus they can easily fit in any place.

  • Price

The kitchen roller shutter prices are a bit costly. However, there are models that everyone can avail of. All you need to decide is the size and type on which the price depends.

Why Rely on McCoy Mart?

McCoy Mart is an online store from where you can purchase numerous items starting from hardware items to appliances. Besides that, you can also buy kitchen roller shutters online from there. It is one of the trustworthy stores which allows you to check specifications, compare prices, and look for the best brands before buying. You can shop from both the browser or app. If you have a pro account, you can get bulk discounts upon your purchase. Besides that, you can glimpse through the variety of items that the store has in its collection. Purchasing items is very straightforward from this store. So why will you loiter here and there? Go to McCoy Mart to purchase the rolling covering of your choice.

Best Selling Kitchen Roller Shutters Price List at McCoy Mart

Latest Models Starting Price
Slimline White Kitchen Roller Shutter Pvc - 600 (W) x 1320 (H) mm
Rs. 18,111
Ozone Three Step Aluminium Roller Shutter, AL, 900X1500 mm
Rs. 27,564
Slimline Glass Kitchen Roller Shutter White Glass - 600 (W) x 1320 (H) mm
Rs. 36,607
Ozone Roller Glass Shutter - White, (600X1400) mm
Rs. 51,619