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Magic Corner

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Choose From The Best Range of Magic Corner Available Online at McCoy Mart

One of the problems a lot of kitchens face can vary from being functional. It’s all about that tight space, which many of us seem not to know how to utilize to its full potential. There are a lot of names for these kitchens, including storage items in the corner, reach-in corner, and even the dead corner. There are plenty of homeowners who even keep as space where they banish things for a long time, sometimes even forever. This is known as the blind spot in the bath and kitchen industries. Magic corners in modular kitchens have been discussed as solutions that can transform these spaces and give your kitchen that look of completion. One of the problems that many designers faced with these spaces is that they were ignored for a large part, which meant that space wasn’t being utilized right. 

Here are some of the suggestions

  • The pull-out cupboard

One of the most popular units in this sector is the Lemans from Kessembohmer, shaped after France’s famous race track. The cupboard’s general name in the industry is the “Bean” or “Peanut,” as an ode to its shape. The swivel, pull-out motion of the cupboard ensures it rolls out similar to butter that’s along its tracks. The shelves have a rounded shape, which means it can be used for many storage items, including pots, pans for food, mixing bowls, and more. Some shelves come with slip-resistant side railings so that things don’t fall off the edges or even slide. 

  • The Susan Shelves

There are plenty of manufacturers who have units that can easily fit right into a spot cabinet. The Rev-A-Shelf can also be regarded as a major manufacturer who creates these units, and it can be made of plastic or wood, with the availability of half circles that seamlessly guide right along the side poles. These shelves can also operate with ease individually and pulled all the way out or even halfway. There are some which also swivel right towards the user.

  • Magic Corners

When it comes to creating the perfect look for that space, it doesn’t get better than the magic corner unit. With its smooth chrome rails, the shiny and often slick, contemporary look can make any kitchen look complete. There are plenty of shelves that come with it, and the swing-out door allows the interior shelves to open right towards the cabinet, which has an open portion. The design has also been improved to include a feature that has soft-close. This helps ensure that no noise comes out whenever the shelves get stocked fully. The general metal organizers can’t compete with a magic corner kitchen as the latter is just one step better.

  • Magic Corners II

This is another type of modular magic corner in the kitchen, which is like an upgrade. It provides complete accessibility with the help of the roll-out shelves that are independent of each other and pull out with ease after being brought right to the part of the open cabinet. Such accessibility makes it easier to create a level of organization that can transform any blind space with ease.

How to Choose?

You can talk to cabinet professionals and decide what’s available and what can easily fit right into the plan you have. A Magic corner price varies depending on the style and the manufacturer, and you can choose the same based on what suits your needs. Some of them come in different shapes and sizes and based on the same, your designer or contractor can give you a better idea. You can find the instructions and specs all online, as it is not easy to install. Find an installer who has experience in the same.

How Can Magic Corners be Utilized Better?

The first step to understanding whether you need a magic corner is to identify any dead unit space present around the kitchen, with which you can add them. Many of you may have a unit base in the existing kitchen. You have to make it easier to low down and reach out right to the far end of the same. These units are only used primarily here and there, and it can be perfect for any mass storage of any items but not perfect if you’re looking to retrieve the same. 

How Does it Look?

Most of the magic corners look like other units, and the contents come out quickly for you to access them and use them. They can be built in different styles and make working in the kitchen an absolute pleasure. These trays are generally 4 in number, of which two are attached right to the unit door, which comes out when you open it. There are also trays which can be positioned exactly in the unit where the door was previously. The door handles also don’t crash into one another, and they generally pull forward to around 10 inches before moving to the side. These come in sizes which can vary from 950 mm to 1100 mm, and also have versions that are wide too. 

Most of these come with units, which means they are available in sizes above in the versions with a drawer line or the Highline. Keep in mind that limited spaces can be placed on the top trays because this drawer is prone to taking some internal space. You can head over to McCoy Mart and choose among various brands and styles, including Hardwyn, Godrej, or even Ozone Overseas. Choose your pick, and let us make it easier for you to spruce up your kitchen and complete your home in style!

Best Selling Magic Corner Price List at McCoy Mart

Latest Models Starting Price
Ozone Magic Corner Kitchen Basket without Frame - 900 mm
Rs. 7,267
Ozone Magic Corner Left Frame without Basket - 900 mm
Rs. 16,639
Godrej Magic Corner Right
Rs. 21,641
Slimline Stainless Steel Magic Kitchen Corner Satin Finish - (Right)
Rs. 26,203