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Best Offer On Sensor Taps Available on McCoy Mart

Sensor Taps are the next-gen spouts that are currently used in restaurants, malls, hotels, airports, lounges, and other commercial places to mine towards a touchless washing of hands. As the pandemic is at the surge you need to stay touchless as much as you can, and these spouts will help you to wash hands without even touching the knob to open the flow of water. Once you bring your hands underneath the Basin sensor tap, water will flow from it. You can buy them from online stores and especially from McCoy Mart. They are costly so you need to think and choose wisely before buying the model. Many brands manufacture them so you also need to check which brand delivers the best quality and then buy the product. There are some types of this product also. Even they are available in numerous shapes and sizes and designs. You can browse through the variety and then buy. 

There are Two Types of Touchless Spouts. They are Discussed below.

Commonly two types of spouts are seen in the market. They are devised in such a manner to suit various oppo purposes. The two types are: 

  • Wall mounted sensor tap: The wall-mounted sensor tap, as the name suggests, is fixed on the wall behind the sink from which the water flows. They are commonly seen in all places. You can buy them from all online stores. They keep the basin area clean as they hang from the wall. You can also fit in freestanding sinks beneath it as you don't have to mount the faucet on the sink. 
  • Sink mounted Wash basin sensor tap: The sink mounted models are fitted on the sink head and not on the wall. They are the common type of model similar to the models with a knob for regulating the water flow. You can get them everywhere as they are very common. Many companies manufacture them and thus they are widely available. 

Take a Peek at the Brands from which you can Buy Automatic sensor tap

The spouts are manufactured by many companies, and thus selecting them has become a very big issue. You need to select it wisely so that you don't have to regret it afterward. The Best sensor tap brands from which you can choose are listed below.

  • Hafele: This company manufactures many other products than this one. They deliver quality products at affordable rates for a long time. You can buy them from online stores. Hafele is a big name in the sanitary ware industry for making many other types of faucets and cabinets also. You can trust their product. 
  • Toshi: Toshi makes many types of sanitary ware and other bathroom fittings for a long time. They fuse innovation with technology to manufacture the best product. They deliver quality products by catering to the needs of the customer. They use proper material which makes the Auto sensor taps sturdy and lasts long. You can buy their products from both online and offline stores. They produce items that cater to the customer's hygiene.  
  • Cotto: Cotto manufactures Bathroom sensor taps with proper care and concern. They are the best in this field manufacturing many other varieties of products for a long time. You can buy them online easily. They produce items that are not only sturdy but also lasts long. You don't have to spend much time maintaining it. Simple soap water rising will keep the model perfect.

Know about the Things you need to Check before Buying Sensor taps online

There are certain things that you need to consider before buying these models. If you keep these things in mind, it will help you to have a perfect purchase. The things you should mandatorily check before buying are: 

  • Types: There are two types of this product. They have been discussed broadly above. You should go through the description of the product and then select the type. Selecting the type is completely on your preference and you have to do it wisely. Know about the two types properly and then select the product. 
  • Material: The spouts are made from various materials, like stainless steel, ABS, nickel, brass. You should select the material completely on your preference. You can consult your plumber in that case. Choose the material that will be sturdy and last long.
  • Brands: Several brands manufacture this product and you should choose the brand wisely. Three trustworthy brands have been mentioned above. You must select the brand depending on the quality of the product they manufacture. 
  • Price: Sensor taps price is high and you need to fix a budget and then buy the product. However, it is a one-time investment that you will not regret your whole life. If you want this extravaganza then only you should opt for this model. 
  • Finishing: The spouts have a finish of either chrome or nickel. The mirror finish makes them look elegant and enhances the look of the sink also. You will not get too many options for selecting the finish but there is a matte finish or a mirror finish. 

McCoy Mart - the Ideal Destination for Shopping 

Thinking where to Buy sensor taps from? Don't worry, when McCoy Mart is there. You can buy products at affordable rates as well as you can browse through the plethora of items that this online mart has. Besides that, you can also know about the price of the models and compare it with other brands. You can read the specifications in detail to know about the product. If you have a pro account you can also get bulk discounts from this store. There are two options for shopping from this store, either from the browser or from the app. So why wait? Go to McCoy Mart to buy the faucet of your choice!

Best Sensor Taps Price List at McCoy Mart

Sensor TapsSizes/ Model
Toshi Contactless Sensor Tap
Rs. 10,650
Toshi Contactless Universal Sensor Tap
Rs. 4,891
Hafele Touchless Sensor Adapter For Faucet
Rs. 5,500
Cotto CT4916DC Battery Operated Automatic Basin Faucet
(W) 6.1 x (H) 7.1 cm
Rs. 17,530
Hafele Brass 10 cm Activation Sensor Faucet For Basins
50 (ø) × (D) 167 × (H) 175 mm
Rs. 18,300