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Wall Plug (गुल्ली)

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Choose From The Best Range of Wall Plug Available Online at McCoy Mart

A rawl plug, commonly called a wall plug, is used to drive screws properly into the wall. They ensure that the inserted screw does not fall apart and be able to bear proper weight. They are obtainable in many colors and forms. You can buy them easily from online stores. All you must do is choose the adequate-sized grips so that the screws fit in. You will see that many people use wood chips to drill the screw. However, it is a traditional approach and not a proper way to drill screws. These holders provide a permanent gripping. Before buying, check the two types of heavy duty wall plugs that are available in the market. 

Know About The Two Kinds Of Screw Holders

Two types of screw holders are widely available in the market. Before you purchase, check which one you require and then buy. It will help you to get the right one for the proper purpose. The two types of holders are: 

Threaded holders: For screwing into less thick, friable dividers, like circulated air through substantial squares, small wall plugs are accessible with a string outwardly; once screwed into the partition, they structure the attachment for the screw and in all regards act like conventional divider plugs.

Nailable holders: Nailable holders come in different designs and dimensions. You can utilize it with nails in concrete and plasterboard. They are valuable when you are about to make many points rapidly. Both nail and fitting are pounded in as one fixing. Standard applications include setting hardboards, partition linings, and outlines. Besides that, this product is widely used and is readily available. They are also known as a butterfly wall plug.

Are You Wondering Which Brand To Choose For Buying Fischer Wall Plugs?

The screw holders are accessible from many brands. Due to the increasing demand, numerous companies are manufacturing them. You need to be careful in choosing the company that will be best for you. So, we are here with a shortlist that can help you to choose one company. 

The best brands we recommend are:

  • Taj Products: The brand is the best brand for delivering quality products. Their products are available in many sizes too. Look at the other reasons why we recommend this company -
    • High-quality material: The holders are made from top-quality plastic that does not erode. Moreover, the material is durable, which makes it last longer.
    • Top-notch features: The nylon that the holder has can protect from accidental electrical connections. Furthermore, the anti-rotation wings go into the partition well and grip the nail or screw. 
    • Multiple application: Besides using it on room dividers and other concrete surfaces, you can use them in fixed brackets, armrests, mirrors, and frames. They are also perfect as wall plugs for wood.
    • Ease of use: The holders are easy to fix on any surface. As they have a ribbed body, the rotation decreases while inserting them. 

All these reasons collectively make this brand the bestseller, and thus you can trust it.

  • Ariom: Ariom is another brand that is worthy of buying nail holders. This plastic wall plug is solid and durable for the top-quality material used. Besides that, you can also use it for multiple purposes. Moreover, the molded nylon used in its construction makes it much stronger. They are available in boxes in desirable sizes. Even the cost of the product is reasonable. All these also make this brand evolve as a best seller in the market. So, you can trust them and buy items from this brand. 

Remember To Check These Factors Before Buying PVC Wall Plug

There are specific things that you must check before buying. If you consider them early, you can have a regretless purchase. The points to remember and check are: 

  • Material: The nail or screw holders are made from plastic. It makes the material a suitable resistor too. Moreover, plastic has natural gripping flexibility that does not let the screw fall off. However, some threaded holders are made from metal. They are known as metal wall plugs. You must check the specifications before purchasing to know the details of the material. Nonetheless, plastic holders get the most recommendations. 
  • Durability: The material will signify the durability of the product. You must select a durable material that will make the item strong and long-lasting. Generally, plastic is an anti-eroding and anti-corrosive material that can endure the proper weight and hold the screw in its place. However, metal also makes the structure strong. 
  • Cost: The cost of the product varies from model to model. Nonetheless, you can get them at affordable rates at online stores. 
  • Color: The holders are generally available in white and grey shades. Yet, the white wall plugs are the most famous ones. They are widely available across all stores. 

Get long wall plugs From McCoy Mart

You can head to McCoy Mart to purchase the screw holders. There are many options to choose from. Moreover, you can browse through the store and look for other necessary items. Therefore, it can be called a one-stop solution for all your needs. Be it hardware or appliance, accessory or sanitary ware - you will get everything from the store. Besides that, you can check the price list of the product and know more about the brands you are buying from. The detailed specification of a product is always there for you to glance to have an idea of the item you select. Purchase authentic and affordable products from McCoy Mart.

Wall plug Price List at McCoy Mart

Wall PlugSizesPrice
Ariom Nylon Wall Plugs White
50 mm
Rs. 114
Taj Products Nylon Wall Plugs White
32 mm
Rs. 100
Taj Products Nylon Wall Plugs White
50 mm
Rs. 130
Taj Products Nylon Wall Plugs White
38 mm
Rs. 110
Taj Products Nylon Wall Plugs White
63 mm
Rs. 170