Louvres vs. Dampers panels

By: | September 27 , 2022

Louvers are angled slats that allow the passage of air and light while dampers regulate the flow of air. Louvers and Dampers are mainly used in HVAC systems for the air flow, depending on the design requirement one can choose between dampers and louvers. Dampers can also block heat and smoke when used as smoke detectors.

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  • The main difference between Louvers and Dampers is that the blades of the louvers are constant and do not move while the blades of the Dampers move.
  • The Louvers do not move hence they have no control over the regulation of air flow and release a standard flow of air while dampers are movable hence they act as a regulator to control the air flow.
  • Both the dampers and louvers that are used in HVAC systems are usually made of aluminium or steel.
  • Louvers are available in various options like decorative arched louvers, gable louvers, stamped louvers, industrial louvers and customized louvers as per client’s choice. Dampers are also available in various options like manually operated dampers, heavy duty dampers, motorized dampers, butterfly dampers and customized dampers as per the design requirement.

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