Difference between Glazed and Unglazed tile?

    By June 23 , 2016

    The differences between glazed and unglazed tiles are –

    • Glazed tiles go through an additional firing process in the kiln where a layer of liquid glass is coated to the tile at a very high temperature. Unglazed tiles are baked in the kiln and ready for used without any further processing.
    • Glazed tiles can be slippery hence they are considered mainly for residential use. Unglazed tiles usually have the natural finish hence they are ‘slip resistant’ and appropriate for outdoor areas, wet areas and commercial use.
    • Glazed tiles are stain resistant because of the liquid glass non porous finish but because of the high gloss scratches can be visible on it. Unglazed tiles are scratch resistant, they have a natural finish hence are more prone to stains.
    • Unglazed tiles are denser and thicker than Glazed tiles.
    • Glazed tiles are available in a large variety and selection of tiles; they can also be digitally printed by inkjet machines. Unglazed tiles are available only in a very rustic, earthy and natural look.
    • Glazed tiles are never full body porcelain tiles. Unglazed tiles are always full body porcelain tiles where the body of the tiles is homogeneous throughout.