What is Curtain Hardware?

By: | September 27 , 2022

Curtain Hardware includes –


Brackets –
They are mounted on the walls or ceilings so as to suspend the curtain rods. They could be double brackets that can hold two curtain rods together.

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Brackets mounted from the ceiling are known as ‘Ceiling Brackets’ while brackets mounted from the walls are known as ‘Wall Brackets’. When the span of the curtain rod is long ‘Centre Brackets’ are used to support the rod in the center.

Curtain Rod-
Curtain Rod or Traverse Rods are horizontal rods used to suspend curtains above windows or in shower areas.

Eyelet Ring-
They are circular rings having a loop. The curtain pins are suspended on the loops for the curtain to hang.

They are a decorative finishing design element on both sides of the curtain rod which prevents the curtain rings from slipping.

Inside Mount Curtain Rods –
This type of hardware is used between two facing surfaces when a curtain has to cross along a horizontal span as in Shower areas.

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