Tips to Select the Right Door Handle for Your Home

By: | September 27 , 2022
How to Choose the Right Door Handle

One of the first steps you take when executing any home improvement projects is finding the right door handles and locks. Here are a few factors you should consider purchasing a door handle

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The Style – The accessory you’re going for needs to conform to the other aspects of your home’s interior design. The first step you’ll need to do is make it match the overall theme of the house and work around the same. Once you find a beautiful design that works best for you, you can go forth and purchase a glass door handle or any other type that complements your home decor. Once you finalize a style that works for you, you need to maintain it consistently throughout your home.

Interior handle style – Depending on the style of handle you’re looking for, you can opt for styles that suit your home the best. They come in different styles and shapes, and they complement doors based on the way they look. Doors with handles that make it simpler to open are a great bet.

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The Function – After you’ve decided on the hardware of the handle, you’ve to determine the function. For aluminium door handles, you must consider the same for bedrooms and bathrooms. You can purchase different grips for different doors. For example, the main door handle can be a bit grander, considering it is the first thing a guest would see when entering.

The setup – In case there are thick doors at home, you’ve to make sure the hardware and the lock come with the basic installation kit. Luckily, with McCoy mart, you can get some of the best doors handles in the market that comes as an entire set and saves on money and time.

The Budget – Finally, one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a front door handle is the budget. The budget helps understand the amount you have to spend on the handle without compromising on the other aspects of the renovation or construction process.

Make sure you have sturdy handles because if they’re not so, it can be a real pain to replace them later on.

Choosing the Right Door Handles –

There are a few factors to consider when purchasing new door grips, including the look, cost, and feel. They all play a significant role in the overall selection process –

Look – Depending on the look you’d like for your door, you can choose steel door handles and the likes. They can play a significant role in impacting the overall look of the decor and home, and it’s important that you take your time with the decision.

There are so many options that come with grips, but with our selection of brands, you’ll find making that decision becoming much easier. Consider the overall look and then choose a handle that works best for you. A lovely brass door grips work best if you’re working with modular doors, and vintage doors having glass handles stand out from the rest.

One of the first things that we all consider before choosing a door grip is the aesthetics and if it goes with the overall space of the property. After all, these little things make up for the fine details of your interior.

However, with the world of designs getting contemporary and abstract, lately, we’ve seen a trend where there are no wrong choices when it comes to choosing door grips for your home. It’s all your decision really, and with our range, it can be quite hard to resist. Don’t worry; we’ll source them for you and deliver in a matter of days. If you’d like to go for different styles, make sure you make each of them look unique from the other.

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Feel – There are sliding door handles which have their feel and way of working. How it feels in your hand might seem like an odd thing to consider when you’re looking to purchase handles, but it’s essential.

You might end up using this handle many times, and you’d like to ensure that it feels good when you do so. Find handles that are easy to operate and don’t cause any form of discomfort or are tricky to use. You must consider the people using the door and see if there are any physical limitations to be taken into consideration.

Cost – Finally, the cost factor is an issue many owners run into while upgrading or replacing the doors in the home. There is a probability of hidden additional costs (repairing) that can come up. One of the common misconceptions is that most doors come with latches, handles, and hinges, but that’s not the case. You purchase the door, and all the other parts come later, and they’re also known as door furniture.

These hinges, latches, and handles are not sold together, and you might have to purchase them separately. Luckily, with McCoy Mart, you can get all of them in one place, with handles that come with their style.

If you’re building a new home or designing one, you’re most likely to be purchasing handles. If you’re updating your doors, then you’ll have to use existing furniture with the handles. Then, you’ll have to decide on the style that comes with these pieces as well.

Now that you’ve got an understanding of the options available, you can choose the elements that work best for your personal preference and style at home.

We work with big brands only, including the likes of Godrej, Ozone, Hardwyn, and with time, you’ll be able to see how good the investment you’ve made is. You can confidently make the decision and purchase yourself a door grip that lasts for many years to come.

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