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Aluminium Windows by P.S Coats

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By : P.S Coats

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Your home is your abode. And the entrances to your abode are absolutely important. Doors and windows not only lend your home a finesse, but they also do a lot apart from adding up to the aesthetics. Your home is ensured of its safety, by durable and sturdy entrances. Doors and windows are absolutely essential in this respect. Doors and windows also add up to the coordinated look of your house. Hence it becomes absolutely essential to plan well in advance on the material, structure, design and make of the doors and windows that adorn your home. We focus a lot on doors, not keeping the simple fact in mind, that windows are pretty much important as well. If the doors and windows do not go together or there is some sort of mismatch in the windows throughout the building or house, the place ends up in a discorded look.

In big cities like Chennai, windows and doors are essentials. Also, there has been a trend of well-coordinated windows, in the city. There has been a rise in the demand for aluminium windows in all major cities. Aluminium windows are a trend in big cities, as they are hassle-free. You have to put in less efforts and low maintenance in keeping them in good form and shape. You need not worry about rust issues, unlike in the case of other metals. If your search pertains to aluminium windows Chennai or aluminium window fabricators in Chennai, then you are sure to get several choices and options. It is quite a popular option nowadays. If you are looking for aluminium prices Chennai, then you are sure to get good deals between INR 300 per square foot to INR 500 per square foot, and more. While you might get aluminium window frames at quite a less price, for e.g. INR 120 per square foot.

But surely, a simple outside frame is not as good as an entire window. Hence it is a wise choice to go for a good quality aluminium window, that is actually durable and does not jeopardise you and your loved ones’ safety. If you look for aluminium sliding windows price list Chennai, you are sure to get infinite options. You should ensure that the dealer is trustworthy or the brand name is popular. Sliding windows are easier when it comes to cleaning and are swift in movement as well. Hence, sliding aluminium windows make for just the appropriate option.

Price Table for Aluminium Windows in Chennai

Types of Aluminium Windows


Glass Aluminium Window

Rs 250/ Square Feet

Aluminium Window

Rs 250/ Square Feet

Modular Aluminium Window

Rs 350/ Square Feet

Folding Aluminium Window

Rs 210/ Square Feet

Aluminum Casement Windows

Rs 320/ Square Feet

Aluminium Tilt Turn Window

Rs 250/ Square Feet