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Windows are a means of being connected to the external environment from the confines of our home. It isn't possible to keep the door unfastened, so by keeping the window open we can let in sunlight and breeze into our house.

Earlier windows were made of wood or glass, but these were expensive to maintain. Being subjected to temperature changes, wooden windows often developed cracks and glass panes were broken by the stray balls of errant neighborhood boys. Coming to the rescue of homeowners was the aluminium windows.

Aluminium windows are beneficial since they are low maintenance and resistant to environmental changes. These windows are durable and also cost-effective. If you are an environmentally friendly person, then this material should meet your green standards as these are recyclable and is anti-corrosive, unlike steel. Since Kolkata is extremely hot and humid, aluminium windows help to prevent your home from losing the coolness and keep you away from the sweltering heat.

In most cities like Kolkata, you will find homes to offices displaying aluminium windows. There are several aluminium window manufacturers in Kolkata. Aluminium windows price in Kolkata range between Rs. 350 to Rs. 800 per square feet, depending on the design that you choose, you can visit a dealer near you to get a comprehensive understanding of aluminium windows price list in Kolkata.

In cities like Kolkata there is a lot of space crunch, so even the area where the pane of the window extends, seems like a misuse. Thus, these sliding windows are set in the wall and are a perfect solution. If you are looking to upgrade your home or buy a new one, you should visit any of the aluminium sliding window dealers in Kolkata.

Since these windows have fibreglass between the aluminium frames, they give you the privacy by barring outsiders from peeping in, while allowing you to enjoy the beautiful sunset. Also, they make your room appear bigger, since they reflect the opposite wall creating an optical illusion.

They also come in a variety of colour, thus allowing you to match with the colour palette of your home. Since it is an extremely flexible material, you can have customised windows matching your specifications. It can even be tailored to have metallic and timber finishes. Most builders are opting for this flexi glass enabled aluminium windows in Kolkata and in other cities as well.

So, do not think twice before opting for aluminium windows in Kolkata, as they will appease your aesthetics, privacy as well as be economical. 

Aluminium Window Price List

Types of Aluminium Window

Price List 

Aluminium Window

Rs 250 /Square Feet

Vintage Sliding Window

Rs 350 /Square Feet

Aluminium Mesh Window

Rs 280 /Square Feet

Aluminium Sliding Window

Rs 225 /Square Feet

Aluminium Bathroom Window 

Rs 180 /Square Feet

Aluminium Pleated Window

Rs 200 /Square Feet

Aluminium balcony Windows

Rs 230 /Square Feet