Top 10 uPVC Window Designs and Styles For Homes

By: | July 18 , 2022

Be it your home or office, nothing quite comes close to the feeling of relaxing inside your room, gazing out of the window whilst sipping on a hot cup of coffee. Windows are all about understated elegance and can take the focus away from a plain or boring wall. By combining simplicity with functionality, windows add a glamorous touch to your room and help bring a particular wall to life. They bring a touch of incredible lightness and are one of the best ways to get a view of the great outdoors without being outside. We have made your search for elegant and eloquent windows easier by listing out 10 classy uPVC window designs for homes that will surely brighten up your interiors while livening up the outside walls as well.

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  1. Bay Window

    Bay Window

    uPVC Bay Windows combines three or more windows together so that they project out beyond the house wall. This not only gives you extra space inside your room but also lets in more light thus making it one of the most elegant and chic window designs.

  2. Casement Window

    Casement Window

    One of the most commonly found yet immensely popular window designs is the single or multi-pane Casement Window. These windows open up wide like a door allowing for maximum air to flow into the room whilst providing a picturesque unobstructed view of the outside world.
    Contact uPVC casement windows manufacturers for more styles.

  3. Tilt Turn Window

    Tilt Turn Window

    Tilt and turn windows are dual-functioning windows that seamlessly blend in with modern interiors. Its inward opening function works with a simple twist of the handle and helps lend an elegant and contemporary look to any room. A versatile window helps bring in more light to your room while also enabling secure and controlled ventilation.
    Contact uPVC tilt and turn windows manufacturers for more designs.

  4. Sliding Window

    Sliding Window

    One of the most versatile and easy-to-operate window styles is the uPVC sliding window design. With a gentle push, these windows open up, thanks to rollers at the bottom for easy panoramic views. Best for decks and walkways, these windows create a visually pleasing effect while giving your home, the fresh upgrade it richly deserves.

  5. Double-Hung Window

    Double-Hung Window

    Also known as a sash window, these windows help maintain your traditional home’s rustic charm and aesthetics while giving it all the benefits of a modern, maintenance-free uPVC window thus providing both style and great functionality.

  6. Louvered Window

    Louvered Window

    Offering the ultimate in vision and ventilation, louvered windows allow for maximum natural ventilation and airflow when fully open while also proving to be an attractive and practical window alternative. Available in a choice of blade options including glass, timber, and aluminum, these tilt-adjustable blades help in maintaining comfortable temperatures inside across all seasons.

  7. Combination Window

    Combination Window

    Brimming with contemporary appeal, combinations of windows are flexible and the amalgamation of several window styles in one. These windows are a combination of the casement, slider, and fixed single window, two similar or different types of windows as well. The biggest advantage is that all windows are integrated into one big sturdy frame thus providing unmatched durability and seamless integration while also helping you turn any room into a light-filled oasis.

  8. Villa Window

    Villa Window

    Villa windows effortlessly marry style and substance with form and function thus providing the apt solution for accentuating the décor of any room in your house. Besides being the only uPVC window with a built-in mesh and grill to keep insects and unwanted elements at bay, it’s intelligent engineering also allows for plenty of ventilation as well.

  9. Glass To Glass Window

    Glass To Glass Window

    Perfect for adding extra natural light to the room, glass-to-glass windows help create an illusion of space while providing magnificent panoramic views without any hindrance. A great way to brighten up any décor, these windows are bound together without any mullions and guaranteed to accentuate the sophistication and refinement levels of your house.

  10. Fixed Window

    Fixed Window

    Fixed windows are also known as the picture window, these windows are stationary, non-opening windows intended to allow light into the room while keeping out the elements. This simple yet chic window offers an unobstructed view of the outside and is ideal for sprucing up your interiors. Perfect to liven up those dull walls; it can also be paired up with other window designs to create a truly unique style statement.

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