Serramento Prime – Folding Sliding Systems by Serramento (DG Window Solutions)

Serramento Prime – Folding Sliding Systems by Serramento (DG Window Solutions)

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You can Enjoy the extra light and outdoor views in cooler weather and bring the outdoors in when its pleasant by folding away the glass panels. Modern, energy-efficient and stylish, our folding doors will enhance your pleasure in your home and give you peace of mind with the best locking systems available.

In the folding-sliding systems the “folding mechanism” practically allows you to open the entire opening width without fixed sashes or jambs blocking the view to create a stunning open space and an unimpeded view. The sash elements can be folded differently and pushed to the side depending on the design version. Special striker plates make it possible to open individual sashes and to fasten the folding-sliding door in any partially open position.

- Create a door system made up of between two and seven panels.
- Incorporate a Primary door that can be opened on its own.
- Built to last – it is made from a sturdy wide main frame profile with welded corners.
- Extra Strength – the galvanized steel reinforcements provide the extra strength and maximum stability.
- High performance – the 5 chamber technology provides extra insulation an dacoustics along with the choice of glazings.
- Secure – The multi-point locking system, top and bottom shoot bolts in the folding panels, toughened glass keep your home secured.

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