uPVC Sliding Door Profile (EN112 3-Track Sliding Door) by ENCRAFT

uPVC Sliding Door Profile (EN112 3-Track Sliding Door) by ENCRAFT

Supplier Rating: 4.5
] #EN112 3-Track


The EN Sliding Doors range is designed to provide the maximum flexibility for fabricators and clients alike.  Based on a range of sections, it offers full flexibility offering from single sliding to multiple sliding openers, clip on or integrated sections for fly screen and a range of section sizes covering small and large openings.  You have the option of a low threshold making the transition from outside to inside easier without the need to step over the door frame.  It provides the ideal range of products to suit any window replacement program or building type in the fast growing construction industry.  


Features & Benefits

  • Sliding in-line
  • Option: glass/glass/glass with ~66% clear opening
  • 6 pane multi pane option
  • Aluminium track
  • Aluminium interlock to increase meeting rail rigidity
  • 112 mm frame depth

Technical Details

  • Max. frame height 8’4”
  • Max. frame width  6’4”
  • (Sizes for 2 pane @ 2500 Pa)
  • Max. sash weight 100 kg
  • 4 to 22 mm glazing