uPVC Titl & Turn Window by Usha Fenestra Systems Pvt. Ltd.

uPVC Titl & Turn Window by Usha Fenestra Systems Pvt. Ltd.


A window which can either tilt inwards at the top, or can open inwards hinged at the side. This is by far the most common type of window in Germany, its country of origin. It is also widespread in many other European countries. The windows offer great energy efficiency and allow you to change the window opening depending on the time of day and air requirements

Advantages :-

[1]The turn property (i.e. swing in) function of the window allows easy cleaning of the outside pane as the entire pane can easily be accessed from inside. Therefore there is no need to climb ladders or clean from the outside.

[2]The tilt function gives excellent indirect ventilation. That is any draughts are directed upwards and so there are a more constant airing. If more ventilation is required at anytime than is allowed by the tilt function then the window can always be fully opened using the other method of opening.


Window Open Style Tilt n Turn
Frame Color Grey
Frame Material uPVC

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