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Flushing Cisterns

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Buy Flushing Cisterns Online At McCoy Mart

The toilet is a critical section of the bathroom fixture, without which your lavatory is incomplete. Flush toilets have become the most popular form of the bathroom for many years. As the name suggests, it flushes out the bowel through a drain pipe to the septic system. While replacing or renovating or constructing a new lavatory, you should wisely choose Flushing Cisterns from the wide range of products and types available. 

Types of Product for That Perfect Tank That Can go a Long Way!

There are many types of Cistern Flush Tank from which you can choose and purchase. They are listed and discussed below: 

  • Tank Fill Valve Flush System

Tank Fill Valve Flush Systems fills the water in the tank through a ballpark with a plunger. The mechanism is that of a floating ball, which is attached to a floating rod. This is one of the traditional mechanisms of the tank. The movement of the rod activates the plunger, which stops water from overflowing. 

  • Flapper-Flush Valve Flush System

Flapper-Flush Valve Flush System operates through a valve or plate which opens and closes from the hinge to which it is attached. The plate or valve is made from rubber or plastic. The whole mechanism in which the system operates is called the flapper. There is a chain that hangs down from the flapper to the flush handle. The lever there is responsible for the filling and emptying of the water from the tank. 

  • Siphon Flush Mechanism

The siphon flush is one of the generic systems to flush that utilizes bowl siphon. It uses a key mechanism attached to the bowl and creates a siphon through the water to flush out water from the toilet to the septic drainage. These systems use the lever to flush out the waste. As you push the handle, the lever opens and lets the water fill the tank. 

  • Washdown Toilet

They are generic flushes like the siphon flushes. They employ the washdown process that forces water to move through the bowl and carry the waste away. 

  • Pressure Assisted Flush System

Pressure assisted flush system uses pressurized air, which forces water to move into the bowl. This system is suitable for a public toilet where many people use a single one. The public restrooms need powerful flushing, and this kind of pressure flush is the best for them. This system is boisterous due to the air pressure that is created to force water down. 

  • Gravity Flush System

Gravity Flush System is one of the oldest flush systems but a popular one too. The mechanism used by this system is that it uses water to create pressure, which forces the water to move towards the trapway. The gravity flush is quiet, unlike the pressure flushes. 

  • Double Cyclone Flush System 

Double Cyclone Flush System is one of the latest flush systems that use two nozzles aided by the water's propulsion system to flow. It produces a very useful siphoning and efficient flush. It is similar to the gravity flush system as this process uses specific mechanisms that are similar to the gravity ones. 

  • Dual Flush Toilet Cistern

The Dual Flush system is also new in the market. It has become much popular due to the dual flush it has. Dual flush means two flushes, one, a full flush and two a partial flush. This particular system helps in saving water. 

If you go for a full flush, you will use a gallon and half water with each flush. However, if you go for a partial flush, you will use less than a gallon of water. Partial flushes are suitable if the bowl contains only urine. This flush's operation is easy as you only need to push one button to flush out the waste. 

  • Rear Flush Systems

The rear flush systems are entirely a different kind of system for the toilet. To install this flush, you need to have more bathroom space. It has much to do with space than the flush mechanism. Nevertheless, as the flush is very convenient, many prefer this type of flush. 

Best Brands to Consider While Choosing the Product

There are many leading brands which manufacture Toilet Cistern Flush. Some of them which are the best brands are: 

Top Three Things to Keep in Mind Before You Select The Next Cistern for Your Washroom

There are certain things that you must check and consider before you buy a cistern. Some of them are listed and discussed below. 

  • One-piece/ Two-piece 

One of the essential factors that you should consider before buying a cluster is whether you want to buy a one-piece or two-piece cistern. One-piece is those which have the toilet seat and flush tank attached. In contrast, the two-piece is those where the toilet seat and tank are separate. One piece is costly and bulky, but two-piece is reasonable. You can get a PVC Flushing Cistern if you opt for two-piece models. 

  • Wall mounted cistern/ Concealed flush

Another important decision that you need to make before purchasing a cistern is to finalize whether to buy wall mounted or concealed models. Wall-mounted models are those which are clambered on the wall. They can have any mechanism for working. However, concealed or in-wall models have the cisterns hidden inside the wall. The button to control the flush is attached to the wall. They improve the aesthetics of your lavatory but are costly. If you do not have enough space in your bathroom, then you can easily use this system. If you have enough space, then also you can use it. This model is flexible with all sorts of lavatory. 

  • Dual flush/ Single flush cistern

The utility of dual flush has been discussed earlier. If you purchase it, you can enjoy two flushing types, a full flush and a partial one. However, in a single flush tank, there are no such options. You have only one full flush available. 

American Standard Specification

  • Adjustable flushing volume
  • Durable & Sleek
  • Shape: Square
  • Saves Water
  • Dual Flush

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