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uPVC Window Handle

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UPVC stands for Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride and is used to make window frames. UPVC windows have a number of advantages such as UV protection, sound insulation, chemical resistance, impact resistance and many more. There are many types of upvc window handles available in the market. Some of them have been discussed here.


Espagnolette handle is the common handle for upvc windows. This handle has a spindle at the back which is attached to the locking system of the window. There are two variants of espagnolette handles. One is in-line handle in which the grip of the handle is in-line to the locking point at the center and can turn left or right. Another variant is cranked handle where the grip is at some distance from the locking point.

Fr example, In-line espag chrome upvc window handles of various spindle lengths and polished chrome appearance are available in the market. Cranked espag black upvc window handles are also widely available in the market.


Cockspur handle does not have a spindle. In place of spindle, it has a spur which is present on a wedge. The handle hooks on to the window frame. The handles come in left and right hand varieties. The wedges also come in different sizes.

For example, cockspur upvc window handles gold are available in both left and right hand variants. These are highly adjustable. Another example is cockspur upvc window handles black available in universal size.

Tilt and turn

Tilt and turn window handles for upvc windows also have a spindle like espag handles but can turn 180 degrees. The handle can have tilt before turn or turn before tilt mechanism.

For example, tilt and turn white upvc window handles with lockable mechanism are available in the market.

There are huge selections available if you want to buy upvc window handles. The price depends upon the type of handle, size, material, brand and other factors.

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