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Soap Holder

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A complete soap holder buying guide to fetch full value of money

The first thing that comes into the mind of many while shopping a soap holder is the fear of bars getting melted. Hence, it is always recommended to go with a design meant for smooth draining, and thus keeping the soap dry. Naturally, when the soap and the holder remain dry, the user feels satisfied while using it. Not just the soap, a holder with smart design to drain smoothly is great for people using contact lenses, assuring them to keep the lens case without worrying about water. Similarly, it works incredible for keeping the sponges dry. 

Why liquid soaps are not recommended?

Most people argue that there is no need even to think of soap holder as the option of liquid soaps is there. However, the foremost problem with liquid soaps is their plastic packaging. In an era when so much of awareness is being created to stay away from plastic, using it as a soap container is indeed not a great idea. Liquid soaps are also not convenient to apply on the body. In short, simply avoiding soap holder for a few bad designs is never a brilliant idea. There are many excellent designs available that smoothly drain, keeping the soap dry and enduring.      

Drainage: The first thing about a soap holder design to look for is indeed the arrangement of drainage. It is recommended to go with holders with larger holes for smooth drainage. In most cases, the grooves disappoint the users by accumulating water within. The best option is thus always to go with the hole designs. The best part is that the holders with larger holes are visually attractive as well. 

Material quality: Material quality should be given equal prominence while buying a soap holder, as of design and look. Soap dishes made up of steel are the most popular ones and widely used. Those looking for something environment-friendly may go with the bamboo-based designs. However, from longevity perspectives, steel is undoubtedly the best option. 

Steel is excellent from maintenance perspectives as well. Among others, a holder made up of wires can be excellent from a longevity point of view, though it may not be visually appealing. Classic ceramic soap holder designs are still quite popular and easy to clean.

Ceramic soap dishes are stylish and look equally enchanting as well. But, there remains a constant threat of breakage with these products. Those are having toddlers, and pets should be more careful. In short, a soap holder made up of steel is the best option being the safest, user-friendly, and accomplishing from a drainage point of view.

Soap holders with strainers

It’s often seen that the sellers give various suggestions on how to find the appropriate place for keeping the sop dishes. They basically try to convince that keeping it close to the sinks or taps may not be helpful in terms of keeping it dry. Anyway, all such constraints should not be applicable if it’s really the best soap holder. 

There are many exciting designs one can find with proper strainers attached, helping the soap dish to remain dry. With these type of holders, you are assured that they remain dry irrespective of the position. All that one needs to ensure while going to buy soap holder of such is the material used with the strainer. It is always suggested to go with soap dishes having metal strainers.

This ensures the safety and convenience of overall usage. The best part is that the soap holder price with metal strainer is very much the same as of others. Specifically, those who want ceramic holders should go with it. It looks good and works well for all types of bathrooms, irrespective of their size.  

While buying two-piece soap holders

Many people prefer a two-piece bathroom soap holder over the regular single piece options. Designs of such are excellent in terms of their ability of drainage and look appealing as well. However, one can’t just randomly buy these soap holders. Two-piece soaps stand to require appropriate bathroom soap stand as well. 

Without proper soap stand, one might have to keep it on the floor or somewhere where the probability of it getting moist is high. The best recommendation would be to have the multipurpose bathroom soap stand, with the ability to hold both single piece and double piece designs well.

Be careful while buying online

This is the era of online shopping. People want to buy everything over the web. There is an equally high interest to buy soap holder online as well. It is essential to be careful while buying a soap holder online, specifically while buying from the not-so-popular platforms. 

It is often seen that some online stores put hand wash holder and soap holder under the same category. Basically, they don’t distinguish between the two for greater selling. In fact, both types of holders are quite identical as well on web pages. It is thus advised that one must specifically enquire whether it’s a soap dish holder or a hand wash holder.

Bar soap stands for washrooms

Many people prefer having bar soaps in their washrooms. The problem that most complain about is that the soap residues are falling on the floors. It is certainly not easy to avoid these issues unless the design is appropriate. Some of them prefer buying fully covered soap stand plastic without any pore. 

This is certainly not a smart idea as the chances of water accumulation always remain high with such designs. The best recommendation thus would be to buy exclusive washroom soap stand with proper arrangement for discharge. Moreover, preference should be about finding soap stands made up of steel, rather than plastic. 

Unless the quality is really good, plastic cases often hold the threats of quick color fading. Also, these look quite cheaper in comparison. For those who only want that the residues should not fall, and don’t care about water accumulation, may go with cup design soap dishes.  

Ultimately, it can be claimed that one could easily find the best shower soap holder simply upon keeping the basic needs in mind. Moreover, it is suggested to buy these only through the renowned stores, with proven track records. It’s seen that most people think of options of liquid soaps instead of bars failing to find the right design. 

This is not going to happen upon reaching the right platform for soap dishes and thus finding the right kind of design. If a bar remains and is maintained dry, it can certainly ensure greater longevity over the liquid soaps. Hence, instead of choosing liquid soaps despite not wanting, one should rather pick the right design.

Soap Holder Price List

Soap Holder
Kich S.S. 316 Grade Soap Dish - 150 mm (Satin) - TSD15S
Rs. 1,113
Kich S.S. 316 Grade Soap Dish (Satin) - TSD12S
Rs. 650
Kich S.S. 316 Grade Shampoo Shelf - 300 mm (Satin) - TSS30S
Rs. 1,955
Kich S.S. 316 Grade Counter Soap Dish (Satin) - TCSDS
Rs. 220
Hepo Soap & Shampoo Holder - (W)200 x (D)115 x (H)125 mm
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