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Toilet Paper Holders

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A complete reference to select between different toilet paper holders

A washroom is clearly not complete without toilet papers. It’s true that no one ever wishes to run out of toilet papers. At the same time, it’s equally important to have a proper arrangement for their storage. This is where the toilet paper holders come handy. Larger is the family; bigger is this concern. 

Coming in bulk, these rolls create an absolute mess while getting stuck. It is absolutely annoying when these jams the zone under the sink. Improper arrangements for their storage ruin the decorum of the space as well. The one-stop solution for the whole range of these issues is to find the best toilet paper holders.

It’s true that there are many online and offline stores available selling toilet paper holders. This makes it sometimes confusing to find the right product. However, things can be simplified upon sticking to the needs. The first priority while buying toilet paper holders should be the availability of space. Make sure that there is enough space available to have extra bundles if desired. With some extra space available, one might think of storing other bathroom essentials as well. 

Basket and cabinet designs

Design always plays a crucial role while buying toilet paper holders. One should select the design in accordance with the available space or size of the bathroom. In this context, wall-mounted toilet paper holders can be a great idea. The best part about these designs is that one doesn’t need to worry much about the size of the bathroom. Also, wall-mounted designs assure from any threat of water as well.

Wall-mounted designs can be of basket-type and cabinet type. Among these, basket design toilet paper holders are considered convenient; one can simply raise the hand and pick a few. However, it is more suitable as an option for small families or those who stock a low amount of these papers. Additionally, open basket design toilet paper containers hold threats of moisture as well. 

Specifically, the threat remains at the higher side for the bathrooms, which leak water during rainy days. If the basket is covered, it is certainly not going to be equally convenient. Keeping all these in mind, the cabinet design toilet paper holders are indeed the most suitable. With proper door system, it provides complete safety assurance. Moreover, these are comparatively quite spacious allow storing large bundles for the future. One may keep other bathroom essentials within it as well. 

From design perspectives, both basket and cabinet designs are equally appealing. It thus can be concluded in the end that cabinet designs are preferable as it fulfills all criterion.

Simple designs for small families

It’s not necessary that storage is the primary concern for everyone while buying toilet paper stand. In an era of nuclear family and single hood, many people want convenience with their toilet paper cabinets. For such people, basic cabinet design storage close to the sink is the best suggestion. However, one needs to fix the perfect position or place for the toilet paper holder stand prior to that. A setup like this makes it easy to store, as well as to use.

Wood is always best for storage

When it comes to materials used with the tissue paper holder, one can find a range of options both over the web and through offline stores as well. However, wooden holders are certainly the best recommendations. It is quite enduring and visually quite appealing as well. Steel can be an equally good option, but it may not be as convenient from customization perspectives as of wood.

Wire baskets; spacious and convenient at the same time

Toilet tissue paper holder made up of wire is growing with popularity these days. There are many advantages to making it such popular. First of all, these tissue paper containers can be easily mounted at the desired position without much of the fuss. It can be customized as well in accordance with the design of the room. 

Above all, these are quite enduring in nature; all that needs is to apply corrosion preventing layer or coat. Wire baskets can be easily untangled and enlarged when one needs some extra space. These are thus considered to be the best toilet paper holders for larger families requiring some additional space for extra storage.

Designs for confined space: It is always suggested that one must fix the right position prior to going to buy toilet paper holders. Not just from a convenience perspective, it is important to attain a flawless look. Good to know is that there are various designs one can explore in modern times in this segment. In fact, one can find toilet papers in different shapes and dimensions as well. Specifically, one must be careful about this aspect of the smaller bathrooms. 

Cost-effective cubicles: Buying a toilet tissue holder is not necessary to be expensive, always. It can be way a lot cost-effective upon knowing the right dimensions. To be specific, the cubicle designs are highly recommended for those who want the budget-friendly options. However, these designs are most suitable for those who want to keep small amounts of tissues.

Broader wire racks: Wire basket pattern tissue paper stands, as discussed above, are indeed suitable. It is mostly preferred by those who want to store a large number of tissues and other essentials. However, it is comparatively costly than the others. Those who prefer tissue paper holders made up of wire, but at a comparatively lower cost, are recommended to try wire storage racks. 

It helps in keeping other bathroom essentials, providing broader space. Moreover, it can be a comparatively, cost-effective option. Upon comparing toilet paper holder price through different online and offline stores, it can be easily evident that these rack designs are much cost-effective. It can be even more cost-effective through the hanging designs.  

Classy pipe toilet paper holders: People who prefer something classy for their toilet paper stands may go with the pipe dispensers. These are quite captivating in terms of their visual appeal and are equally user-friendly in nature as well. One may explore greater varieties upon searching toilet paper holders online. Though these are mostly not convenient for a large amount of storage, one may get the desired design through proper customization.

Irrespective of the design one opts for; it is suggested to buy only from reputed platforms.

Toilet Paper Holders Price List

Toilet Paper Holders
Kich S.S. 316 Grade Toilet Paper Roll Holder with Flap (Satin) - TTPHFS
Rs. 1,073
Kich S.S. 316 Grade Toilet Paper Roll Holder (Satin) - TTPHS
Rs. 750
Kich S.S. 316 Grade Toilet Paper Roll Holder (Satin) - BA320S
Rs. 861
Kich S.S. 316 Grade Toilet Paper Roll Holder (For Spare Roll) (Satin) - TTPH3S
Rs. 713
Kich S.S. 316 Grade Toilet Paper Roll Holder (Satin) - TTPH2S
Rs. 584
Hepo Tissue Roll Holder - (W)200 x (D)105 x(H)110 mm
Rs. 1,021