The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Wooden Floor

By: | October 04 , 2022

A wooden floor, a wooden floor
Would someone give me a wooden floor.
My mouth waters just to see its gleam and shine and love
Flows through it like the morning mist….
My sister`s house has a wooden floor
She show me in the video call
She lives far….
In A-me-ri-ca…
It’s the rage over there
It calms you down,
In this world of synthetics and cardboard and plastic and steel
Makes you relax and soothes your nerves
Close to nature, with your hot soup in your hands
You admire your house and yourself with the faint light from the window, shining on your hair,
Warm and porous
With the drums of heaven resounding in your head
Even  those creaks as you walk
And the cracks are welcome
A modern home gets an ancient feel and
A not so modern one
Feels more comfortable
Assuaging your soul
It has a give,
That no other material can match…
I love you wooden floor
I wood, I wood, I wood
Always want you……

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It comes in 3 varieties-  strip, plank and parquet

The strip category has pieces of wood 1 and a half to 2 and a half inches wide. The plank flooring strips are a bit wider and the parquet flooring comes in square pieces which you  can pattern the way you like. You can use unfinished pieces and stain them the colour you want.

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The advantages of hardwood are that its easy to maintain. It can last you a hundred years if it is kept well. It needs to be swept or vacuumed and sometimes cleaned with a wooden floor cleaner.

These floors are costly. Nowadays floors if wooden sell an apartment or house faster than  a wall to wall carpeted one. That is how appealing it is.

There are many styles you can choose from according to the ambience you want to project or like. It can be sanded and stained in a colour of your own choice Very modern or traditional homes can be graced with these evergreen floors.

There are certain cons that you could look into before you go in for these. They are very costly. The exotic ones are even more expensive.

The flooring must be installed over a sub- floor.

They need to be refinished though not so often. This would have to be done if there be children who might spill or run….And pets, you could reconsider… Refinishing floors also creates dust from sanding and fumes spill out from a polyurethane coating.

It can be noisy and every family might not appreciate that. If you are not on the ground floor , your footsteps might be a disturbance to the people below. You could bounce this off by putting rugs at distances. This also oozes warmth.

These floors are not good in moist climate zones or regions.

That was an enunciation and an ode to the wooden floors. Hope you enjoyed reading and could take a measured decision regarding the kind of floor you would envisage for your new or transformable oldy  goldy home. Cheers!

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