uPVC Casement Window by Futoria Home Soluitons

uPVC Casement Window by Futoria Home Soluitons

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Windows are major factor of success of building project. Choose wisely and your home will be comfortable, quite, attractive and easy to maintain. The benefits of futoria windows and doors made from vestal profiles are more than just good looks. Get clued in on what to look out for, to have peace of mind and a beautiful home.

Dust- and water-proofing Trivial aspects such as the sealing are thoughtfully designed to achieve excellent air and water tightness in order to keep dust and rain water out of your home so your time is spent on more important things.

Sound insulation Quality windows coupled with quality installation ensure sound insulation of the windows and doors. With futoria Window systems and suitable glazing, sound insulation up to 40 dB is achievable.

Rust-proofing Our uPVC profile is rust-proof and resistant to atmospheric pollution including a range of acids and alkalis.

Colorfastness ‘Our uPVC s special formulation for external use gives excellent resistance to weathering

Ease of maintenance futoria windows are made of highly durable uPVC, so they are extremely resistant to pollution, diluted acids and alkalis. They require no maintenance and can be cleaned with appropriate standard household cleaners.

Ideal for Recycling PVC is the ideal material for recycling. During the manufacturing process, PVC is easily chipped into waste material and extruded into new products. Ninety-nine percent of vinyl's manufacturing waste can be reprocessed. In addition, millions of pounds of post-consumer vinyl is recycled.  

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Our superior technology, superior quality raw materials & accessories and high-precision installation ensure that our products deliver maximum efficiency with minimum maintenance to the customer. With our products, the customer is assured of a lasting value for money in terms of their functionality and style uPVC is a new age material that does not deteriorate with time. uPVC frames do not require regular paint or polish coating for stability. They can be easily wipe-cleaned with a cloth using soap water and made to look as good as new for years.  

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