WPC Doors in Thane

Wooden doors are those that are originally preferred for use in the indoors and exteriors. Despite the problems like moisture retention, termite and bore problems, and maintenance problems that may occur due to constant exposure to challenging weather conditions, it continued to be in use. This is because the alternatives available did not measure up even close to the quality of wood in terms of enhancing the appearance of the building. But the wpc doors have emerged as best alternatives that are easy to maintain and also measure up close to the wooden doors in terms of enhancing the appearance of the building.

 WPC door- What is it?

 WPC stands for Wood, plastic composite and refers to doors that are designed and engineered using special composite technology to make flush doors or even solid doors that have a wooden frame that offers structural stability but is filled with thermosetting plastic. These doors resemble wooden doors and they are almost as strong and durable as the wooden doors. The wpc doors price is quite less when compared to the wooden doors as it is less time consuming and requires less labor skill as well as cost to make these doors.

Types of Doors

 There are different types of WPC doors based on the thermosetting plastic that is used, the color, texture, and design of the door.  The WPC bathroom doors enjoy a great market share among the wpc doors considering the waterproof nature as well as the properties that make it moisture resistant. The wpc doors in Thane manufactured by reputed companies are made of high-quality materials that make these doors strong and durable despite constant contact with water. They are 100% termite and borer resistant and attractive in appearance owing to various finishes that are possible and the colors they are available in as well.

WPC Doors Thane Price List

Types of WPC Doors Price
Decorative WPC Door Rs 325/ Square Feet
Solid WPC Door Rs 203/ Square Feet
Moulded WPC Door Rs 225/ Square Feet
WPC Panel Door Rs 450/ Square Feet
Modern WPC Door Rs 225/ Square Feet
WPC Door 24 mm Rs 142/ Square Feet
WPC Door Rs 220/ Square Feet