Comparison of Door Materials

By: | May 25 , 2024

Steel Doors


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  • The Steel doors are manufactured as a steel metal casing covering an inner polyurethane core. The strength of a steel door is based on its gauge thickness which ranges between 16 to 24- more the gauge value the thinner is the steel.The polyurethane core inside a steel door makes it energy efficient.
  • Steel doors give a very modern and sleek look.
  • Highly durable and maintenance free.
  • Steel doors can have a very good fire resistance.


  • Steel doors are susceptible to scratches and dents which can lead to rusting of the door.
  • Chipping of paint in a steel door is very common.
  • These doors are very sensitive to temperature; they feel cold in winters and hot in summers.

Wooden Doors



  • Wooden doors are aesthetically very warm and pleasing and can match with any décor.
  • These doors are easy to repair, they are not factory made hence minor changes could be made at site.
  • Numerous designs can be easily carved on wood.


  • The wooden doors are subjected to contraction and expansion when used as an external door. They tend to absorb moisture during the rainy season which makes them prone to cracks.
  • Require regular maintenance.
  • Not very energy efficient and sustainable.
  • Wood is prone to termites.

uPVC Doors



  • uPVC doors are one of the most durable doors available in the market and might not need to be changed during one’s lifetime.
  • uPVC is a very durable and stable material.
  • It does not rust, rot or flake.
  • uPVC is resistant to dust, pollution and chemicals.
  • These doors are energy efficient. A double locking seal can make the door sound proof.
  • uPVC doors are fire resistant.

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  • uPVC is a very light weight material hence might not be strong enough to be a good external security door.
  • uPVC gives a very plastic look hence is not preferred by many home owners.

Glass Doors



  • The main advantage of an external glass door that it allows the passage of natural light thus reducing the need of artificial light during the day.
  • Glass doors used in the interiors makes the space look big by offering a sense of transparency throughout the space.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.


  • Glass is not an energy efficient material.
  • It is susceptible to breaking and cracks.
  • Clear glass does not offer privacy. Stained glass or frosted glass is used for privacy.

Aluminium Doors



  • Aluminium doors are light weight yet strong.
  • These doors are highly durable and maintenance free.
  • Comparatively cheap and cost effective doors.
  • Aluminium is a highly sustainable material.
  • Aluminium doors can be powder coated in any colour.
  • Termite resistant.

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  • Aluminium doors are not very aesthetically pleasing.
  • It is light in weight hence not considered to be a good security door for entrances.
  • Aluminium is a bad conductor and allows condensation which might lead to rusting of aluminium over a period of time.

Composite Wooden Doors (Solid and Hollow Core)



  • The composite wooden doors are made of particle board and finished with a veneer. They resemble solid wood doors. The composite doors could be hollow core or solid core doors.
  • The solid core composite doors are cost effective and can easily replace the solid wood doors.
  • The solid core doors are maintenance free and do not warp or absorb moisture.
  • These doors are energy efficient and fire resistant.
  • Composite wooden doors are termite resistant.

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  • The composite wood doors are not very strong enough to be a good security entrance door.
  • The hollow core door is susceptible to absorption of water and warping hence not very durable.

Fiberglass Doors



  • Fiberglass is a very good insulator and is an energy efficient door
  • Highly durable and requires minimum maintenance. It does not warp or rust like other door materials.
  • These doors have a smooth finish and can be painted or finished in other colours.
  • Aesthetically they can replicate much finish like wood or steel.
  • Fiberglass doors are resistant to fire.


  • Fiberglass doors are expensive.

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