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Wooden Doors in Thane

As a homeowner, you are faced with many challenges and decisions to make, and the most critical of all is choosing the right material for construction. The wooden door is still considered as a popular and the best choice even today. Door as such is necessary to maintaining privacy and security; this being said there is an increase in the trend of using wooden doors in Thane.

The main reason to buy wooden door is that it can be custom made by wooden door manufacturers in Thane and also in various places.  Consider the below pro’s when picking a wooden door for your home.

Pros of using a wooden door


The foremost reason for picking wooden door is for it's aesthetic, wooden entrance door adds elegance and simplicity to your dream home, it comes with a rich look.


Wood is the best insulation available, owing to its property of being a bad conductor of heat. The help in helping your home warm in winter and cool in summer, also because of their longevity the help in saving a few bucks.


Wood is the most comfortable material to work with and can be custom such as a wooden double door, wooden sliding door, etc. A wooden door allows you the flexibility of designing it to fit in any space.

Wooden Doors Thane Price List

Typres Of Wooden Doors Price
Designer Wooden Door Rs 1,000/ Square Feet
Wooden Flush Door Rs 0/ Square Feet
Hinged Wooden Door Rs 145/ Square Feet
Laminated Wooden Door Rs 150/ Square Feet
Touchwood Wood Wooden Doors Rs 135/ Square Feet
Brown Designer Wooden Door Rs 150/ Square Feet
Wooden Door Rs 660/ Square Feet