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Aluminium Door Handle

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Buy Aluminium Door Handle Online At McCoy Mart

Gate holds are a necessary part of every household. An Aluminium Door Handle is not only sturdy but lasts long. Being made of alloy, they are resistant to water also. You can use them both in your house and offices as per your requirement. These metal gate locks are easy to install and are available in various designs and styles. You can buy them easily both in online and offline stores. There is no doubt that metal gate holds are durable. They can be pulled and pushed with strength. They don't degrade with a change in weather, and thus you can fit them in the exterior of the house also. As they don't react to anything, many people prefer them over steel. The Casement Door Handle is reasonable; thus, anyone can buy them. Being affordable, you can customize them as your requirement is. Even, you don't need to repair or change them frequently. 

The maintenance of a metal gate hold is minimum. If you buy one, you will not require to paint it or polish it. The color that it has does not degrade with time. You can clean them just twice or thrice a year with soap water. Else you can do it using a simple wipe also. Aluminum gate holds are appealing. They are very soothing to the eyes. These models can also be used in partitions and bathrooms. Aluminum, being eco-friendly, is a hundred percent recyclable. If you plan to alter your door holds later, installing metal ones will ensure you a good product. Being a good insulator, these will keep your house warm during the winter. 

There are Different Types of Aluminum Gate Holds That are Available in the Market. Though, Aluminium Sliding Door Handles can be Broadly Classified into Three Types. They are:

  • D shaped holds: D shaped holds are the most common types of holds that are available. Besides being easy in pulling and pushing, they are fixed by both ends. The name comes from the look of the handle. They are very easy to use and install. Even you can get them in many shapes and sizes. These holds are also known as pull/push holds.
  • Circular holds: Ring or circular holds are aluminum holds that are also common to many households. Instead of a D shape, they have a circular structure. However, the functions remain the same. 
  • Lock holds: The lock holds are the ones that come with a lock attached to them. They are a secured option for your door.

There are Many Brands That Manufacture Aluminum Gate Holds. The Best Aluminium Door Handle Manufacturing Brands is McCoy 8M.

McCoy 8M is the best brand because: 

  • It manufactures gate holds which are ideal for both outward and inward opening. 
  • The body of the gate grip of McCoy 8M is constructed out of zinc and aluminum-based die-cast substances. The base contains more aluminum than zinc alloys which makes the substance hard and strong, which makes it last longer.  
  • All the models of McCoy 8M have an aesthetic look with ergonomic features that make them much appealing. 
  • Each grip has a zinc alloy die-cast body that adds up to its look.
  • The grips are easy to hold and easy to use without using much effort. The locking system of these grips is very good.
  • All the models from this brand are available in many colors like white, black, or powder coating finishes. 
  • The grip models are sleek in design and have a square base. The standard dimension of these grips is 70 mm x 28 mm. 
  • The standard length of the holds range from 131 mm to 135 mm and the basic height is 48 mm.
  • They are easily available in both online and offline marts.

There are certain things that you need to keep in mind before you Buy an Aluminium Door Handle. Following these will ensure you a proper purchase. 

The Pointers That You Must Keep in Mind are:

  • Design: Since aluminum is cheap and can be molded into many shapes, various designs can be crafted. Though D shaped holds do not have many designs, the locks' handles are available in many designs. 
  • Size: The D shaped, ring-shaped, as well as, lock holds have many dimensions. The sizes should be considered according to your requirement.

Why Choose Your Products from Us?

You should choose McCoy Mart to purchase an Aluminium Door Handle Online. Various brands are available on McCoy Mart, from which you can check. You can also compare the price of multiple brands with one another. You can check the specifications too. Aluminium Door Handle Price differs from one model to another. McCoy Mart is a trustworthy and one-stop online store. So why wait? Head to McCoy Mart to buy the product of your choice.

Brand - McCoy 8m


  • A Multi-Point Locking Handle for Outward as well as Inward opening UPVC Doors.
  • A bold and stylishly L Shaped Aluminium Zinc Alloy Die Cast Body.
  • Suitable for most PVC-U profiles.
  • Ergonomic design and easy to operate with lesser effort.
  • Standard package includes 2 nos. Fixing Screws M4 x 70mm. long and 2 nos. Keys.


  • Add style and elegance to any property
  • Provide uninterrupted view
  • Durable
  • Need minimal maintenance

Available Offers:

  • FREE shipping on all Orders Above Rs. 500/-

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