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Aluminium Window Handles

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Buy Aluminium Window Handles Online At Affordable Price

Investing in the best quality construction material is eternally important for a peaceful mind and durability. And if you are looking for new window handles for home, office or workplace, look no further. Choose aluminium sliding window handle, best in aesthetic and offers a modern up-gradation to old windows. Aluminium is one of the best construction materials that are widely used for making windows, doors and their respective handles. In this article, we have shared the important benefits of opting aluminum window handles.

Benefits of Aluminium Sliding Window Handles

The advantages of using aluminium window looking handles or just aluminium handles are plenty. Aluminium is a material that offers the best of two worlds’ performance and aesthetics. In the wake of sustainable living, aluminium material products are highly preferred for they have less carbon footprint and can be recycled. Using materials like aluminium offers the look and safety we desire without affecting the environment.

The Top Three Benefits of Aluminium Window Handles are:

  • Aluminium is highly durable; the properties of aluminium make it resistance to various elements and also aluminum does not rust. Surface treated aluminium window handles retain their look and performance for a long time.
  • Most of the homeowner prefers timber products when constructing a home or office, but aluminium is a cheaper option than timber. The cost of installing a new aluminum window or just changing the frame is likely to be less than that of timber.
  • Maintaining aluminium casement window handle is easy; as aluminium does not rust or change its color. A soapy water solution is all you need to maintain the best aluminium window handles in mint condition. A ton load of time or money is not required for cleaning and maintaining aluminium handles. Besides, you need not clean them frequently once in 6 months is sufficient.

Brand - McCoy 8m


  • A Multi-Point Locking Handle for Sliding PVC-U Windows. Can be used for Inward opening casement windows also.
  • A stylishly curved L Shaped Aluminium Zinc Alloy Die Cast Body.
  • Suitable for most PVC-U profiles.
  • Ergonomic design and easy to operate with lesser effort.
  • Body made from the new family of Zinc-Aluminium based Die Casting Materials containing higher, Aluminium than standard Zinc alloy characterized by high Strength and Hardness and good Bearing properties.

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  • FREE shipping on all Orders Above Rs. 500/-

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