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Bottle Pull Out

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Best Buy Offer On Bottle Pull Out Available on McCoy Mart

Keeping the bottles properly organized is one of the challenging problems that every household faces. To solve this problem, you can buy a bottle pull out not to need to spend much time from your busy schedule in organizing bottles. Though many people do not consider this rack to be a part of the modular kitchen, its utility is tremendous. Not only does it work only for a water bottle, but you also can keep jars of sauce, herbs, and spices so that they stay in an organized fashion.


While cooking food, you need many items to prepare them. Things like spices, oil, sauces, and herbs stored in containers need to be there in front of you to reach them easily. To get them quickly, you not only need to keep them organized but also near your cooktop. To do this, you need a bottle pull out basket that shortens the distance of reach and holds things together in an organized way. This helps you work more efficiently and increases your workflow. You can also glance at the containers and take them out. These organizers are made so that you can reflect over the boxes from an angle and then pick them up. If you have much space, then you can extend the rack and include your chopping boards there. This will be much more beneficial to you. You can also add an inner drawer if your space permits, then you can store many other items together.

There are many advantages that you may enjoy once you install a modular kitchen bottle pull out. Some of them are

  • You can access containers of herbs and spices much easily
  • You can install the rack near your cooktop that will help you reach it fast
  • You can include chopping boards into the rack so that rack if space permits
  • You can glance at the spices and then choose from it. This will not make the drawer a mess
  • Containers stay securely, and there is no chance that they will fall
  • You can store your water containers after filling or while they are empty to avoid them staying scattered
  • You can also combine it with a motion support system, either mechanical or electrical

Some of the widespread facilities that you can get from the containers tug out in the kitchen are

  • It can be utilized for storing containers on the bottom shelf
  • It can be easily removed and comes with swift operational systems
  • It is attached to a heavy-duty tug back network
  • It comes with a mechanical shutter
  • You can avail of the rack with two or three shelves, according to your requirement

Stainless Steel Bottle Pull-out

Though these racks are available in various materials, the most common and widely used ones are stainless steel. Bottle pull out prices for the stainless steel ones are reasonable for many people who can afford them. Here are some of the details of the stainless steel racks. The available stainless steel racks are available in 21 inches of height, 20 inches in length, and 4 inches in breadth. It is always a smart choice, as stainless steel does not rust easily.

Many other containers tug out sizes available in the market, but the size above is one of the widely used ones. The stainless steel tug outs are:

  • Sleek in design
  • Light in weight
  • Has a maximum of three shelves

Some of the general features of the stainless steel container racks are

  • It has a spacious storage capacity, which helps in storing multiple containers
  • Jars cannot topple over and fall as the frame is heavy. Due to its sturdy nature, it can also hold many things together
  • Cleaning this organizer is very easy. You can do it with mild detergents and a wiper
  • It has a good finishing that will not hamper the look of your kitchen. It will enhance it
  • It is free from corrosion and rust, which makes it highly durable
  • A perfect balance is maintained throughout the racks
  • Due to its nickel plating, it looks glossy

Plastic Bottle Pull-out

These organizers are also available in plastic, which fits into every next gap or corner of your house. It has three layers in general, but you want you to buy one or two shelf ones. You can also purchase a three-shelf organizer and detach it to make it a two self one. These racks are very sleek and handy for storing your items. The most significant advantage is that if you have a small apartment, you can fix this there, as the bottle pull out sizes for plastic ones are available in many lengths

Some of the general features of the plastic jar racks are

  • It can be used for multiple purposes. You can use this kitchen bottle pull out anywhere in your kitchen and can save space, as it keeps things organized
  • It is effortless to use as you need to slide out the rack whenever you need it. After its use, you can push it back. Some frames have wheels to pull and go while some use hydraulic pressure
  • It comes in premium quality with PP plastic, for which you need not worry about its durability. It can store things with much weight. It has a high comprehensive capacity and is resistant to high temperatures
  • It is very easy to clean and environment friendly. You can open up the parts of the rack, wash them, and then fix them again
  • It is not only flexible but portable too. This bottle pullout in the kitchen can be used anywhere. Being mobile, you carry it from one room to another using wheel as per your requirement

The best part of this organizer is that irrespective of its material, it is handy and useful. You can take advantage of it entirely and utilize it—all you need to see is that you purchase the one that suits you the most.

Select Bottle Pull Out from Top Brands Available At McCoy Mart

Ozone Key Features

  • Soft-close Mechanism
  • Chrome Finish
  • Side Mounted Mechanism

Types and sizes of Ozone Bottle Pull Out

  • Ozone Bottle Pull-Out - 200 mm
  • Ozone Bottle Pull-Out (Left) - 150 mm
  • Ozone Bottle Pull-Out (Right)- 150 mm

Godrej Key Features

  • SS 304 electro-polished for corrosion resistance
  • SS wire for longevity
  • Optimum utilization of space
  • Varied sizes for optimum utilization of space
  • Bottles and kitchen utilities

Types and sizes of Godrej Pull Out

  • 2 Shelf Pullout SS
    • 150 X 485 X 430 mm
    • 200 X 485 X 430 mm

  • 3 Shelf Pullout SS
    • 150 X 485 X 530 mm
    • 200 X 485 X 530 mm

Slimline Key Features

  • Bottle pull out unit for (2shelf) for modular kitchen cabinet
  • Full-extension, easy and quick installing, soft closing system
  • 3 tier organizer with soft close channels

Types of Slimline Pull Out

  • Slimline Bottle Pullout Hanger Holder
  • Slimline 3 Tier Side Bottle Pullout
  • Slimline Masala Bottle Pullout (3 Shelf)
  • Slimline Plastic Masala Bottle Pullout

AKS Key Features

  • Made From 202 Stainless Steel With Satin Finish
  • Made With High-Class Precision
  • High Corrosion Resistance
  • Safety Assured With Fire Resistant

Types and sizes of AKS Bottle Pull Out

  • AKS Stainless Steel Organiser Basket 3 Shelves
    • 490 L x 90 W x 530 H mm
    • 490 L x 130 W x 530 H mm
    • 490 L x 160 W x 530 H mm
    • 490 L x 190 W x 530 H mm
    • 490 L x 230 W x 530 H mm

  • AKS Stainless Steel Bottle Basket 2 Shelves
    • 490 L x 90 W x 450 H mm
    • 490 L x 130 W x 450 H mm
    • 490 L x 160 W x 450 H mm
    • 490 L x 190 W x 450 H mm
    • 490 L x 230 W x 450 H mm

Best Selling Bottle Pull Out Price List at McCoy Mart

Latest Models Starting Price
AKS Stainless Steel Organiser Basket 3 Shelves 150 mm Carcase With Satin Finish - ( 90 x 490 x 530 mm)
Rs. 1,988
Godrej Two Shelf Bottle Pull Out SS (150X485X430) mm
Rs. 2,896
Slimline Bottle Pullout Hanger Holder Soft Close
Rs. 3,373
Godrej Three Shelf Bottle Pull Out SS 304 (200X485X530) mm
Rs. 4,168
Ozone Bottle Pull-Out - 200 mm
Rs. 7,106