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Kitchen Hanging Rack

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Buy Kitchen Hanging Rack Online At Best Price! | McCoy Mart

One of the essential additions to any kitchenette is the hanging racks and their usability and functionality. You must get a good set of kitchen hanging shelves because they can last a long time in addition to allowing you easier access. Getting pot racks or a corner rack for kitchen is another good idea if you want to declutter the area. There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing one. The most important thing to do is to break down the process of selecting one into steps -

Keep an eye out for the many selections 

There are many different styles of kitchen hanging racks to choose from. These include the overhead hanging stands, cupboard door stands, wall-mounted stands, under the counter or the countertop pyramid, round or flat rod with hooks, pegboard with hooks, and so on. You can choose the right one based on your preference and take it forward from there. 

Assessing the type and the number of pots on hand 

While it can be tempting to opt for many options, you need to also ask yourself whether you want to have these many pots all at the same time. If you only need it should you invest in a good, sturdy one. You could also otherwise store the ones that aren’t used much elsewhere. Take a count with a proper understanding of your pots, pans, and other cooking equipment. There are many decisions for you to consider before you go forth and take action, and that’s something for you to decide.

Look around your cooking section

You need to observe the many options you have when placing a kitchen wall hanging rack. Here are the possibilities -

  • Over the stove or the sink, especially if there’s a blank area in that location
  • Over the central island, which is an excellent choice for a kitchen rack that’s wall-mounted. 
  • You could opt for a narrow spot if there are lesser options
  • A big cabinet which comes with no shelving is another option
  • A counter where you can place copper bottoms which truly shine
  • You can also choose freestanding possibilities, which are perfect for displaying the designer and copper sets.

Measuring the space

Once you decide where you want to keep your hanger, or pot hangers (whatever you’d like to call them), it’s time to measure the space you’re placing them in. You could use a carpenter’s tape to measure the same and ensure it is exact. You can also work with an extra room around the stands, especially if it needs to be inside a cabinet. It can be a big waste of money if you buy something and realize later that it doesn’t fit into your plans.

Back to the basics

Now it’s time to look at your pots and pans and see which ones are ideal for the server. In case you have a pressure cooker or a saucepan, you’ve to realize they won’t fit on the hanging stands. If you want to keep pots for a long time, you’ve to make sure they are sturdy and fit on the shelves. If not, it’s just better to get something more dependable. You may have just accumulated more than what you require for the household, and you must take that step of stowing things away or decluttering your set.

Thinking about the kitchen style

Does your kitchenette have a lot of chrome utensils? Is there more wood or even iron? Most of the hangers you buy are made of metal and are covered with chrome or black covering in general.

The pot style

The pots that you go with are going to matter entirely too. If you’re planning on hanging cookware that’s iron, you’ll require something sturdy. You’d also not want to hang them somewhere in the middle of the room as this could hurt someone or cause them to fall. Decorative sets of pots can also be colorful or provide more practical use. An excellent collection of well-scrubbed cookware can give off the same look as the serving dishes in a restaurant, and that’s always a nice compliment to receive.

The Different Types of Pot Racks

It’s essential to understand what kind of stands you’d like to go with, after considering all the above factors. Here’s how you can choose a good corner rack for modular kitchen -

  • What is the feel that’s present in the cooking section? Is it inviting, comfortable, or professional? Is it the kind of place you’d invite a friend over to sit at? Would you instead wish for them to sit in the dining or the living room? The cookware equipment you go with must reflect the needs and the overall atmosphere of the cooking workspace. 
  • If not for just the meal prep, you can opt for something super comfortable and ergonomic such as a sleek metal stand. In case you’re also going to entertain people in the kitchen, you can work more whimsical and decorative.
  • A simple way to choose an item like a kitchen hanger is to think about the metalwork and the different colors present in the kitchen. In case you have a white stove, for example, a little more chrome won’t fit in, maybe.

At McCoy Mart, you’ll be able to gain access to some of the best kitchen corner racks at home. From condiment racks to corner racks and 2-tier options, we’ve something for everyone looking to purchase quality kitchenware and equipment. We also work with some of the most popular brands, including Hardwyn and Godrej, allowing us to vouch for the sturdiness and durability. You can head over to the McCoy Mart website, browse and purchase as many products as you’d like, and complete all of your kitchen and home needs.