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Cup and Saucer Basket

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Choose From The Best Range of Cup and Saucer Basket Available Online at McCoy Mart

One cannot ignore the importance of a cup and saucer in the house, but storing them can be a real headache. As most of them are made of ceramic and glass, causing breakage if not kept well. Thus, the need for a particular box arises. With the introduction of the cup and saucer basket, you can keep them safe and enhance the look of your modern kitchen. Moreover, assigning them a different space in your kitchen ensures that you quickly find them when you're in a hurry. 

Why Opt for a Cup Saucer Basket?

There is no reason why you must not opt for it. These boxes can be either single-storeyed or double-storeyed and come with several compartments to keep the cups and the saucers separately. Often, when you keep them mingled in a single box with no compartments, they might get scratches and can even be broken. But if you get such a place to store these utensils, it becomes straightforward to handle them and keep them safe.

Materials Used

  • Stainless Steel

This kind of material sets out to be one of the most commonly used when it comes to Cup and saucer kitchen basket. The stainless steel ones are usually made fit into the drawers and cabinets and are generally available in pullout designs. These generally have divided compartments to keep the saucers and the cups separately. As they are made of stainless steel, it doesn't even acquire rust and stains easily, and you can easily wipe and wash them thoroughly. 

  • Plastic

Compared to stainless steel, these are no less fancy! However, these are entirely on the cheaper side compared to those of stainless steel and are thus widely used. Unlike the stainless steel ones, these might not have ample compartments or options to separate the cups and the saucers, but they usually come on two to three shelves, which helps you keep different items in different spaces. 

  • Steel

These were quite popular in the past, but with the growing popularity of stainless steel, the steel kitchen boxes have lagged. But if you are not ready to afford the costlier one yet, then go for the steel one as it would last for quite a long time. However, make sure that you do not bring it in contact with much water; otherwise, it might acquire rust very soon. 

  • Aluminum

When choosing this material, keep in mind that they don't come in compartments but, instead, spotted as trays that can be moved into a drawer. However, compared to the steel ones, these are quite heavy to carry around, especially when it already has cups and saucers in it. 

  • Glass

These are relatively uncommon and can only be used by those who want to be very fancy with the interiors of your house. However, unlike the other materials, these come with a risk of handling and can be broken then and now. Moreover, the glass ones come costly, and if you want all the drawers to have a similar design, you may need to invest a lot.

The designs and styles of the cup and saucer box vary from one type to another and can be explored in variety before you settle on one. 

  • Pullout

The pullout Cup basket happens to be one of the most commonly used baskets. These can be opened with just a pull in the outer side and are considered among the most flexible ones to use in a household. Moreover, these baskets tend to come at a much cheaper rate as the materials used in it are much less expensive than the other ones. 

  • Portable

These baskets tend to be relatively cheap as well, as the pullout ones. These baskets come with a pro that they can be moved and taken from place to place. Moreover, these baskets are relatively lightweight, too, so that you can carry them anywhere you would want to. However, they usually come in plastic or hard plastic material that leaves us to question its durability. 

  • Hanging

Compared to the others, these are unique and are best suited for those who do not have much space in the kitchen platform to place the basket. You can keep it fixed to the wall with the help of a hook or a nail and use it at use. Though these hanging baskets cost a bit more than the two ones above, they are still quiet on the affordable price side. 

  • Racks/Shelf

Last but not least, the stands or the shelf happen to be among the most commonly used ones in the kitchens. These are super affordable and exceptionally durable, too, and comes with and without wheels as well.