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Bulb Holder

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Best Offer On Bulb Holder Available on McCoy Mart

To accommodate proper light in your home or office, you will compulsorily require a bulb holder. The lamp sockets commonly hold the light and supply an electric connection to the lamp. Besides being available in many designs, they are obtainable in various sizes too. Moreover, you can get them in desirable colors also. Each category of this lamp socket can hold a specific type of lamp, and they are designed accordingly. 

Many companies manufacture them, and they are reasonable too. You can use them for both interior and exterior lighting. The material used to make this product is resistant to fire and not breakable easily. They last long for the heavy-duty brass used for locking the lamp in the socket. However, before buying one, you must know about the kinds of electric bulb holder available in the market. 

Take A Look At The Numerous Types Of Lamp Sockets

While buying, you should be aware of the kinds of lamp bulb holder to purchase the correct one. Here we have listed the types so that it can be easy for you to take a glimpse. The various kinds of lamp sockets are: 

  • The ceiling bulb holder: The ceiling lamp sockets are fitted on the roof, and the lamp disseminates light downwards. They are unidimensional sockets that you can use at your residence and commercial estate too. You can quickly get them at any online or offline store. Moreover, they are available in many hues, and you can choose one matching your decor. 
  • The led bulb holder: LED lamps are the most popular type of lamp nowadays. They are formulated in a way that the LED lamp properly fits in the socket. You can buy them at affordable rates and from various color variations. 
  • The fancy bulb holder: If you look for lamps that match the room’s interior decoration, you can choose among the wide range of fancy sockets. They are obtainable in various shapes, starting from rectangular sockets to angular sockets and circular sockets. You can get the sockets in numerous colors too. There are bidirectional sockets also available in innovative shapes that will enhance the look of your room. 
  • The hanging bulb holder: Hanging sockets are very common and also available widely across all stores. They are helpful because you can suspend them anywhere with wire. These sockets are commonly used in offices and industries to hang the lamp in the desired location. You can also use them at home, especially outdoors, where you cannot fit too many fixtures.
  • The wall bulb holder: It is the traditional socket used to install lamps. They are uni-dimensional, but at times angular wall sockets are also found. Besides being pocket-friendly, the sockets are available in many colors. Moreover, you will get them quickly at any store.

Are You Wondering Which Is The Best Brand? Know From Us

You will find plenty of brands in the market manufacturing lamp sockets. As it comes to choosing the best brand, it becomes problematic. Thus, we are here to help you. While buying from a brand, you must see its affordability yet not compromise with the quality. The two brands that we recommend are Havells and Orient. 

  • Havells: Havells manufactures not only lamp sockets but also other electrical goods. They have been producing these electrical items for a long time. Due to the affordability of their product, they are pretty popular. Moreover, they manufacture highly efficient goods that are long-lasting. Apart from it, the sockets that Havells develop are made from fire-retardant material. 

Furthermore, they use brass rings to hold the lamp. The metal ring protects the outer covering from getting deformed due to extra heat. The products from this company are also available across all online and offline stores. Thus it makes the brand best selling. 

  • Orient: Orient has also been manufacturing a variety of electrical goods besides these sockets. They produce various types of fancy sockets to hold lamps and are thus popular among the customers. You can get them at reasonable rates also. Orient manufactures products that are of high quality and those which do not degrade quickly. Other than that, they use polycarbonate, which is a fire retardant, to make these sockets. 

The small bulb holder from this company is available across all online and offline stores. The long life of the product, the elegant design, and the heavy-duty brass ring make this product a popular choice in the market. 

Check The Things You Need To Enquire About Before Buying

There are some specific things to always check before buying any product. It helps you to have a proper and regretless purchase. The things that you should check before purchasing a lamp socket are: 

  • Material: Often, we miss checking which material the product is made from while we see it is affordable. You should avoid doing such. Head to the specification section of the product before buying and see whether a fire retardant material is used or not. It will ensure proper safety. Do check whether heavy-duty brass is used to construct the ring. The metal ring protects your socket from getting deformed. 
  • Type: The different types of sockets have been discussed above, and you must check them before buying. It will ensure that you can buy the right product for the right area to fit in. There is even a modular bulb holder ideal for your rooms that are designed brilliantly. Choose one wisely that meets your taste. 
  • Cost: Generally, the bulb holder price is not much. So, you don’t need to dig much into your pocket to buy them. However, the fancy models are a bit pricey than the traditional ones. 

Purchase Bulb Holder Online From McCoy Mart

McCoy Mart is a reliable online shop to buy from. You can get the A to Z of your needs from this store. Besides that, you can read specifications, browse through the plethora of brands and then select a product. You can get affordable lamp sockets from this store too. If you own a pro account, you can get bulk discounts on the purchase too! 

Key Features of Electric Bulb Holders

  • Metal Ring for holding of the bulb to avoid breakage/damage of bulb locking
  • Long-life due to heavy-duty brass contact
  • Elegant design to suit every interior
  • Low contact point resistance
  • Brass contacts for high current capacity
  • Unbreakable polycarbonate housing with fire retardant material for safety and durability

Best Selling Bulb Holders Price List at McCoy Mart

Latest Models Starting Price
Orient Pandent Bulb Holder
Rs. 37
Orient Bulb Holder Fancy Straight Metal Ring
Rs. 48
Havells Fancy Jumbo Batten Holder Metal Ring (AHLHGXW060)
Rs. 51
Orient Rectangular Bulb Holder Flat
Rs. 71
Orient Fancy Bulb Holder Flat Angular
Rs. 78