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Buy Dimmers Online At Affordable Prices | McCoy Mart

A dimmer is a gadget that controls the brightness of the light to which it is connected. Unlike the fan regulators, the dimming controllers increase or decrease the voltage wave-form of the lamp. You can use them at both houses and offices to customize the lamp brightness as needed. Apart from it, they are also used in theatres for managing stage brightness. So, in a way, it also saves power and is available widely in the market.

The gadget is much different from the conventional on and off switches. You can even use them to control the lamp intensity in multiple places on your property. It also ensures the bulb's longevity, as they use less electricity than the usual ones. There is a dimmer for fans too. You can manage the fan's speed using it. Moreover, they are also obtainable in various color options and designs. Nonetheless, before buying, you should know about the different dimming switches to ease your purchase.

Look At The Different Types Of Dimmer Switches

Several kinds of lamp dimming mechanisms ease your work and make your lamp last long. Learning about them before purchase will help you to buy the perfect one for your use. Generally, there are six dimming switches, but there are a few more depending on the control style. Look at the various dimming switches below:

  • Leading Edge Dimming Switches: As the name suggests, the leading edge dimming switches have been in the market for a while and are used for halogen and incandescent bulbs. They are not only a cheaper option but also use a TRIAC switch to control the power.
  • LED-Ready Dimming Switches: The led dimmer switch is also known as the Trailing edge dimming switch. They are mainly used for the LED bulbs. Besides being tolerable with lesser wattage, this controller is also used to dim conventional lamps. In addition, they are much more efficient than the leading edge dimming switches.
  • Single Pole Dimming switches: As you can understand from the name, this dimming controller has a single switch to manage the brightness. Moreover, it can control lamps only in one location.
  • Three/Four-Way Dimming Switches: The three/four-way led dimmer is the opposite of the single-pole switches. You can control lights in multiple locations without reaching them. Apart from that, they don't have on and off buttons like the conventional models. They can also bear loads of various amounts.
  • Multi-location Dimming Switches: The multi-location dimming buttons are similar to the three/four-way ones but can control lamps for a large area. They are frequently used in industries and dormitories.
  • Plug-in Dimming Switches: The plug-in dimmer light switch is built for the table and floor lamps. They are made in such a way that you can access them in the dark also. You need to plug the controller into the wall socket and keep it in a feasible position for controlling when needed.

Apart from this, there are rotary dimming switches, toggle dimming switches, slide dimming switches, rocker dimming switches, and tap dining switches depending on the controlling style.

When it comes to the dimmer fan switch, you can find two types of regulators. They are:

  • Step regulator: The step regulators have some fixed steps, for example, one to five. While controlling the speed, you can halt at these points. The controller will increase or decrease the velocity of the power wave accordingly. They are a standard option at both homes and offices.
  • Movable regulator: The movable regulators are the opposite of the step regulator. They do not have any step, and you can move it all around and halt at any point you want. This controller is preferred by many as you can customize the speed yourself.

Know About The Best Brands To Buy From

Many companies claim to be the best-seller in the market, but they aren't. So while choosing the brand, be careful. Select a brand based on the quality of its product, reasonability, and availability. Thus, we are here to help you find one. The brands we recommend are Crabtree, Havells, Legrand.

  • Crabtree: When the question of aesthetics and innovation comes together, there is no better option than Crabtree. They manufacture quality dimmer for led lights or fan regulators at reasonable rates that are durable. Moreover, the brand also manufacturers other electronic gadgets that you need regularly. They are available in all leading online stores and especially at McCoy Mart.
  • Havells: Havells is one of the famous brands for manufacturing cooling and lighting solutions. Besides being there in the market for a long time, their products are of good quality. Many prefer this brand for the durable products it creates. Be it the fan regulator or a light dimmer - Havells has many color and design options. Apart from that, their products are made in compliance with the environment.
  • Legrand: Legrand has been there in the market for nearly 20 years. It is a global brand that manufactures various electronic gadgets useful for daily activities. Moreover, their products have a sleek design that makes them very attractive. Apart from that, the dimming options that this company produces conform with the ISI standards.

Here Are The Things To Check Before Buying

Whether it is the dimmer fan regulator or dimming lamp switch, a few things are there to consider before buying. They are:

  • Design: The design of the dimming switch is either sleek or broad. Often they come in rectangular or square shapes. You must choose one that meets your taste.
  • Color: Generally, black, white, and matte black shades of the dimming switches are available in the market. Choose one that meets your decor.
  • Brand: The three best brands have been discussed above for which you can choose. Read it before buying and select anyone that you prefer.

Know About The Fan Dimmers Price From McCoy Mart

If you want to know about the price of dimming switches before buying, you can go to McCoy Mart. It is an online store where you can get all the items you need - be it home improvement products or kitchen fittings and hardware, kitchen accessories, or electrical appliances. Check the price list of dimming buttons to compare the price between the brands and buy one that meets your needs.

Best Selling Dimmers Price List at McCoy Mart

Latest Models Starting Price
Havells 400 W Dimmer (AHFDEXW042)
Rs. 438
Legrand Mylinc Rotative Dimmer 60 - 250 W for Light
Rs. 534
Crabtree Thames Electronic Dimmer 400 W - 1M (White)
Rs. 586
Havells Knob Control Dimmer - 400 Watt, Matt Black
Rs. 651
Legrand Mylinc Rotative Dimmer 400 W For Light
Rs. 678
Crabtree Dimmer 400 W -2M (Black)
Rs. 739