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Fan Regulators

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Best Offer On Fan Regulator Available on McCoy Mart

Whether it is your office or home, a fan regulator is an essential item that you need. Be it a repair of the old model or installing a new one. You can buy fashionable controllers from online and offline stores. Many companies manufacture them at affordable rates. Besides that, they are available in many colors. The controller helps in managing the voltage supplied to the fan. Apart from that, the controllers are constructed from polycarbonate that makes them robust and long-lasting. They are also UV-protected, resistant to fire, and have many controlling speeds or steps. You can match it with your switchboard and buy one. However, before purchasing a ceiling fan regulator, know about the types it has. It will help you to obtain the perfect product you need.

The Different Types Of Cooling Controllers

There are two types of cooling controllers you commonly get in the market. They are ergonomic and straightforward to use. Once you know about them, you will understand which kind of product you require. The two types are:

The electric controllers are the conventional models found in homes and offices. They had resistors that lessened the voltage of the cooling device. They are bulky in size and have a box-like structure much different from the modern controllers. You will find them in significantly fewer numbers these days.

  • Electronic fan regulator switch

The electronic controllers are the modern ones having a small shape that fits into your switchboard. The major difference is that the electric controllers use resistors. In contrast, electronic controllers use capacitors to control the voltage of the cooling device. Capacitors don't get heated, decrease power consumption, and control cooling device speed by regulating the power supply waveform. Furthermore, this type can be subdivided into two categories, namely:

  • Movable types

The movable electronic fan regulator does not have steps or halts marked from 1 to 5. You can rotate and stop them at any flexible point. Moreover, they are very famous among the common and fit in with any cooling device. You can get a varied color option too.

  • Step types

The step-type smart fan regulator, as the name suggests, has fixed steps marked 1 to 5, where you need to stop. They do not have a flexy rotation and control. However, they are the efficient ones in the market. Unlike the previous kind, they are even available in all online stores and in various colors.

Know The Best Brands To Buy From

As you plan to buy a modular fan regulator, you must be cautious about selecting the brand. Several companies manufacture them, but you need to buy them from a reliable brand. Thus, we are here to help you in choosing the perfect brand for purchasing. You can opt to purchase these controllers from Crabtree, Havells, Legrand, and Orient. These companies are not only bestsellers but deliver customer-friendly, inexpensive, and quality items. Know more about them below:

  • Crabtree

Crabtree manufactures highly efficient and power-conserving controllers that are UV stabilized. They are also made from polycarbonate that makes the models sturdy. The models from this company have a wide range of working voltage bands. Moreover, many color options are also available for this product. In addition, you can get Crabtree products from online stores quickly.

  • Havells

Havells is a pioneer company manufacturing several electrical goods starting from fans to lights. They manufacture the best fan regulator with dust-free technology. The models are obtainable in many color options, and you can get them at all online stores. Besides being UV-stabilized and resistant to fire, the controllers are made from polycarbonate, making the product last longer.

  • Legrand

Legrand is another global company manufacturing electronic items for some time. Their products are a brilliant fusion of aesthetics and technology. Unlike the other companies, you can purchase the product from this brand across all online stores. Moreover, they are available in various designs and colors. They generally manufacture step controllers with four rotating options. Legrand also provides you with the best cable, lighting, and wiring devices for your property.

  • Orient

Orient is a trustworthy brand for lighting and cooling solutions. Besides producing controllers with various designs and color options, their products have a long life. Furthermore, Orient uses anti-bacterial and anti-weld technologies to make its models. Moreover, their products meet the ISI standard. The controllers are dust-free and energy-efficient. In addition, Orient controllers are also made from polycarbonate.

Look At The Factors To Check Before Buying The best regulator for fan

While purchasing a controller, you must consider the following factors to ensure an accurate and regretless purchase.

  • Price: The fan regulator price lies between an affordable range. You must not worry about it as you don't need to dig much into your pocket. Check the specifications to learn more about the price before buying.
  • Wattage: Starting from 80 W to 1200 W - there are several models of this controller. You can even choose a 120 W or 100 W model. Consult your technician before buying the model, and do check the specifications to know about the wattage. 
  • Voltage: The controllers are available in various voltage bands like 150 V - 270 V, 230 V, and 240 V. you must check the product description and buy a product with the required voltage. 
  • Color: Generally, the available color options for controllers are white, matte black, and black. You can select any one of those that match your taste and room decor.
  • Brand: The four best brands are discussed above. Before buying the product, you should go through the discussion and select anyone that you prefer.
  • Design: Some of the models are designed rectangular, while some are square. You can choose anyone that suits your taste and decor.

Know About The ceiling fan regulator price From McCoy Mart

You can shop from McCoy Mart as it is an online store with a plethora of products. Apart from buying you can know about the specifications, and price from the product you are buying. Get hold of a pro account and avail of bulk discounts and GST invoices.

Best Selling Fan Regulators Price List at McCoy Mart

Latest Models Starting Price
Havells Step Fan Regulator (1M) (AHLRFXW004)
Rs. 344
Havells 5 Step Fan Regulator High Speed (AHFRFXW005)
Rs. 373
Crabtree 5 Step Fan Regulator High Speed - 2M (White)
Rs. 467
Legrand Mylinc Fan Regulator 100 W 0-4 Steps (675531)
Rs. 486
Orient High Speed Fan Regulator 2M - (43MRWH3014)
Rs. 500