Different Types of CCTV cameras and Specifications

By: | November 15 , 2022

CCTVs are an indispensable part of our lives in the modern era. Whether it is your home or office, these surveillance devices are of great help while you are away. Probably they are the best way to keep an eye on your property in live or recorded formats. However, many customers are unaware of the Different Types of CCTV cameras that are available. These types suit various situations besides different premises. Thus, it becomes important to choose the correct type for the correct usage. Read till the end to know more about these vigilance devices and their types.

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Know about the CCTV camera types and specifications that you can avail

If you wonder how to choose the ideal camera amongst the various models available, you should know about the broad divisions of categories. The surveillance devices can be classified into nine types. They are dome, bullet, C-mount, PTZ pan tilt, Day/night, Infrared, IP, Wireless, and HD. Know about each type in detail below.

  • Dome CCTV

  • Bullet CCTV

  • C-Mount CCTV

  • PTZ Pan-tilt CCTV

  • Day/Night CCTV

  • Infrared CCTV


  • Wireless CCTV



Dome CCTV Camera

The dome cameras are named such for their case in which the camera is placed. The greatest advantage of this CCTV is that no one understands the direction the camera points for their dome structure.


  • Easy to install
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor
  • Resistant to vandal
  • 360 rotation cover every angle

Perfect for:

  • Shops and restaurants
  • Hotels and homes
  • Cash counters

Bullet CCTV

Bullet CCTV CameraThe design of these surveillance devices is such that it is visible from a distance. Generally, they are found to be cylindrical shaped and efficient in capturing long distances. Bullets are ideal for outdoors since they can endure heat, dust, dirt, and water.


  • Resistant to all types of weather and environment
  • Visible from long distanced and it acts as a deterrent
  • Able to capture a view from a long distance
  • The sturdy casing protects the camera from all attacks

Perfect for:

  • Industrial usages
  • Property management and farmlands
  • Any outdoor application

C-Mount CCTV

C Mount CCTV CameraC-Mount is an advanced model of bullet CCTV. They are ideal for people who want to capture adaptable views. The surveillance gadget has detachable lenses that you can switch for monitoring different distances. Unlike the bullet models, they are bulky and thus easily visible from a distance acting as a deterrent to criminals.


  • Can capture distance beyond 40 feet with alterable lenses
  • Properly visible to all from long distances
  • The sturdy casing safeguards the camera from the odd environment
  • Ideal for outdoor usages

Perfect for:

  • Widely popular in logistics industries
  • Food and manufacturing industries also prefer them
  • Any place with odd temperatures and fluctuations

PTZ Pan-tilt CCTV

PTZ Pan-tilt CCTV CameraThe pan-tilt or zoom camera helps you monitor and have full control of everything recorded. You can turn the camera to the left or the right using a button. Even zoom in and out, tilt up or down. These devices perfectly fit your needs when you have security personal monitoring live on the field.


  • Close focus on subject through optical zoom
  • Tilt and pan mode to get a 360-degree view
  • Recognition of facial features since the resolution is high
  • Personalized live viewing

Perfect for:

  • Ideal for remote viewing
  • Best for business premises
  • Great for museums
  • Entry and exit gates of high-security zones

Day/Night CCTV

Day Night CCTV CameraThe specialty of day/night cameras is that they can record clear images irrespective of the light in their nearby environment. They are specially built for effective operation in obscure light conditions. There are extra sensitive imaging chips that make this possible.


  • Low light recording yet clear capture
  • Both color and black and white recording
  • Functions effectively irrespective of sunlight, reflections, or glare
  • Tough casing for better camera protection

Perfect for:

  • Business premises with 24 x 7 recording
  • Any outdoor monitoring at any place

Infrared CCTV

Infrared CCTV CameraAs the name suggests, this CCTV is induced with infrared technology to capture videos. The camera works perfectly in any pitch black condition. However, infrared cameras are expensive as they can record in the dark. People or companies with vital requirements for night recording can opt for this model.


  • Crystal clear recording in dark and black surroundings
  • Equipped with an infrared cut filter that captures videos in the daytime, even in very light conditions
  • Repellent to dust, fog, and smoke, this perfect capturing images always
  • Captures color images for day and black and white for night

Perfect for:

  • The best option for recordings during the night
  • Ideal for banks, manufacturing units, farms
  • Any high-security place that requires night recording


IP CCTV CameraAlso known as network cameras, these vigilance devices can share live footage. The live capturing can be accessed across any place around the globe through the internet. However, the bandwidth of the footage remains compressed to make the online version reliable. The archived videos can be reserved on NVRs for viewing them at a later time.


  • Recording can be obtained from any place across the globe
  • Footage can be archived
  • Straightforward installation since no computer station or coaxial cable is required.
  • Requires very little maintenance

Perfect for:

  • Business sites whose owners are away from the site
  • Residential surveillance while outstation as footage can be accessed from smartphone, PC or Laptop.

Wireless CCTV

Wireless CCTV CameraWireless models stay very neat and do not require much time to be installed. The appearance of the camera becomes much didn’t, and you can fix it at any location. You can get various Wireless CCTV camera types for your home and office.


  • Fast installation when compared with other CCTV
  • Tidy appearance with very less fittings
  • You can view captured footage anywhere as images are transmitted over the internet
  • Easy to access archived footage and store them

Perfect for:

  • Security room, presentation halls
  • Well furnished places
  • Any place that requires a tidy look


HD CCTV CameraAs the name suggests, it has a very clear picture resolution, which remains unparalleled compared with others.


  • Perfect and precise picture capturing
  • No compromise on clarity even when zoomed
  • You can get HD cameras on models of bullet and done
  • Easy to identify people in the footage

Perfect for:

  • Places prone to theft
  • High-security zones

Whatever be your CCTV camera dimensions, do remember the different types while buying your model. You can get the ideal one as per your requirement.

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