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Door Knobs

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Door knobs are furniture accessories that have been in use for almost centuries and were first manufactured in the US back in the mid-nineteenth century. These are ball-shaped or spherical and are used to open doors and even lock them. 

Most of these items are made of materials such as stainless steel, brass, and bronze, depending on the type of finish you’d like. These materials generally don’t rust and can be used for a long time. On average, these handles are just below 6 cm in diameter. The components of these include shank, knob rose, spindle, and the knob-top.

The knob-top is the part that’s grasped by the hand to open the door. The shank consists of the stem that is connected to the knob, which contains a hole to receive the spindle. The knob rose is a washer or round plate that forms the knob socket, adapted so that it can smoothly fit on the door surface.

History of Door knobs

Most materials and designs have changed through the years for the door knob. The first one was made out of wood and involved just simple strings and latchings. Then, the round handgrip came around the time of American independence. Glass handgrip too was a rarity, and a cheaper manufacturing process was developed by pressing. 

Antique door knobs are the most popular, and they come readymade with a host of materials. At McCoy Mart, you can access the collection of these products from the finest brands Ozone and put a classy spin to your door.

Features to Look Out For

Furniture door knobs can be chosen based on cost, appearance, availability but rarely on function. This is because they can single-handedly enhance the style quotient of any door with ease. To get the best hardware, designers generally consider the shape, size, and feel of the various elements that go into making these hand grip. A typical design would include no sharp ridges or edges, but a smooth shape which can be easily turned or grasped and a finish that’s textured. Some kitchen door knobs also come with a non-slip coating that improves grip and shafts that can fit the hand behind the knob.

In case a new design is needed, a prototype is made using computer-software. The 3-D prototype is fabricated so the die and mold can be made of the desired shape. If the casting process is used, then a pattern of the clay or wood is used to make the mold.

Material That You Should Consider

Most modern door knobs are made with metal, and brass is the most common one of the lot. Brass generally consists of an alloyed group that contains varying amounts of zinc or copper. This material is received as a billet or rod made of suitable diameter and is cut with machines to the length required.

These raw materials need to conform to the standards set by the governing body for material testing in that country. They follow different aspects such as mechanical, physical, chemical, microstructural, and thermal properties that are specified for each product in general.

The Manufacturing Process

Multiple processes are used to make brass door knobs, and these generally include the process of casting. This is when molten metal is placed in a mold and forged to get the right shape and dimensions. The heated metal dies under very high pressure, and the resultant metal comes with superior toughness, strength, quality, and reliability. The process is also economical and efficient at the same time.

Maintaining Quality Control

The raw material must be made of a suitable composition for the process of forging. Inspections are done on surface finish, dimensions, withstanding, and other properties as well, and only after then are they conform to building codes.

What Does The Future Hold for These Hand Grips?

The future of designer door knobs will have access to control systems and security too. This continues to become even more sophisticated as electronics become more affordable for the average person. For now, you can purchase these products in stainless steel from our sites immediately. 

The demand for mechanical hardware is still high, and our products will give you what you’re looking for.  The knob will always play an essential role in the industry, and with each renovation and restoration, they grow up a notch. We’ll always have the most stylish decorative door knobs that you can always use to your benefit and stand out from the rest of the neighborhood.

With McCoy Mart, you’ll gain access to several great hardware products for your home. We only work with the best brands in the business, making it easier for you to buy only the best items. All our products are sourced responsibly, and our site filters make it easier to narrow down your search to the exact product you require.

From hardware products for homes to tiny accessories like nuts and bolts, we are the perfect solution. Purchasing from one place makes your entire job easier, and with a selection as varied as ours, it becomes simpler for you to take that call and make your home renovation easier.