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Door Knockers

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Buy Door Knockers Online At Affordable Price

The door knockers enhance the appearance of your gate undoubtedly. You need to select the right knock that matches the style of your entryway. Whether you are upgrading the knock or installing one for the first time, many designs are there to choose from. Moreover, there are various types of materials from which these knocks are made. You can get them in plenty of finishes too. The utility of door knockers is to make the insiders aware of the presence of outsiders. However, often they are limited to decorate the gate only. They add a vintage flavor to your gate. Before buying them, you must know the different types of gate knocks available in the market. 

Glance Through The Various Types Of unique door knockers

There are four basic types of gate knocks that are widely available. They are categorized based on the materials they are made of. However, based on the designs, several more types are there, out of which the lion head knocks are famous. The lion head design is trendy throughout Britain. Check the types of gate knocks classified based on the material used to construct them: 

  • Iron knocks: The iron knocks, also called antique door knockers, have roots in the Victorian era. They are primarily found in century-old houses. However, modern vintage look apartments have these knocks. They add a traditional look to your gate. The material, as the name suggests, is iron that is used to make it. They are available in many designs, out of which the Lionshead and hand knock are the famous ones. 
  • Brass knocks: The brass knocks are designer door knockers that are accessible in many designs. They have various finishes and are widely available at all stores. So if you want to experience the Georgian tradition at your home, you can use these knocks. They are obtainable in matte and glossy textures.
  • Satin nickel knock: The satin nickel knocks have a dull finish. It is a relatively modern model but it goes well with traditional gates. Thus they are also popular as old-fashioned door knockers. Nonetheless, when satin nickel is brushed on brass, it gives the same finish as stainless steel. So, you can choose those models also depending on the design of your gate. 
  • Bronze knocks: Another popular material used to construct luxury door knockers is bronze. There are also various styles in which the knocks are available. Besides being sturdy, they are long-lasting and match all types of gates. You can use them for your house as well as offices. Many traditional agencies still have this type of knocks fitted. 

Are You Thinking About Which Brand You Should Choose?

As these knocks are not a modern product, many companies manufacture them. Moreover, due to the increasing demand for vintage decorations at homes, the product is still in demand. So it becomes tough while you try to choose the brand. Thus, we are here to aid you in making the challenging decision, and we suggest AceLine Door Knockers. 

AceLine is a company that has been manufacturing gate hardware since 1983. They develop quality products that have proper longevity. Moreover, they also produce gate handles that are of premium quality. They have a wide range of products from which you can choose. Furthermore, you need not dig much into your pocket to buy them. All these reasons make them the bestseller, and thus we suggest you purchase decorative door knockers from them. 

Know The Factors To Check Before Buying 

There are specific pointers that you must check before buying. It will ensure you a good purchase. Here are the pointers that you should remember before buying knocks for your home: 

  • Material: As discussed above, four primary materials are used to construct these knocks. They are iron, bronze, brass, and satin nickel. The materials also depend to some extent on the finishing of the product. You can choose any material that you like or the polish that suits your taste. 
  • Design: Starting from lion heads to hand locks and old-school gate knock - there are numerous designs of the door knockers for front door. You can choose anyone keeping in mind the decor of your room. 
  • Cost: Generally, the knocks are not too pricey. You need not invest much to get them. However, before buying them, you should check the price list of the items. It will help you to have an idea of the different models easily. 
  • Weight: The weight of the knocks varies from product to product. Though that is not a significant issue, you should still check the weight of the modern door knockers. However, before that, you must consult your carpenter about the weight of the gate. Then, check whether your gate can bear the weight of the knock. 
  • Durability: Generally, sturdy metals are used to make the knocks so that they last long. However, you should still check the specifications to know about the durability of your purchasing product. Commonly, alloy metals have great strength and do not erode quickly. 
  • Polish: The knocks generally have a golden or silver polish. Some of them either have a matte or glossy finish. You should choose one that not only fits your taste but also matches your taste. 

Buy Door knockers online From McCoy Mart

McCoy Mart is a one-stop solution for all items that you need. Whether it is hardware or sanitaryware, furniture or appliances, you will get everything from this store. You can quickly buy the knocks from here at affordable rates. You can check the specifications, know about the price, brands, and then buy. Moreover, if you have a pro account, you can get bull discounts and GST invoices. The products are authentic, and you can avail of safe payment methods to buy the product of your choice.

Door Knockers Price List at McCoy Mart

Door Knockers
AceLine R K S Door knocker
2220 gm
Rs. 3,651
AceLine Old School Door Knocker
460 gm
Rs. 1,327
AceLine R K S Door knocker 
1220 gm
Rs. 3,651
AceLine Two Face Door Knocker
720 gm
Rs. 1,533
AceLine Simba Door Knocker
920 gm
Rs. 2,646