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Smart Door Locks

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A smart door lock is an electronic and mechanical locking system in which only authorized users can open the door with their authentication. A smart lock is an intelligent device in which the house owner can enter their home without using a key to unlock the door but using their authentication, house owner or other members of the home can enter the home. To unlock the door, one can use their Smartphone or a key fob for verification. When you consider the internet of things (IoT), smart lock plays a crucial part in it.

What are Smart Locks and How do They Work?

Smart door locks are keyless door locks and thus one can open the door without using a door key rather than requires the authentication of the person. One can control the smart lock using a Smartphone application. There are many models like Xiaomi mijia smart door lock in which some ask for a numeric code to open the door. You can buy smart door lock with the numeric code option where you have to enter a unique access code.

The smart lock works when you connect them using your home’s WiFi network and allows you to either enter the code or recognize the Smartphone command to lock or unlock the door. Some models of the smart digital door lock system require you to change the whole lock system whereas other models like Xiaomi smart door lock or mi smart door lock allow you to fit them over the existing door lock system. But here you have to make a few modifications.

One can integrate the smart locks with other devices such as a smart speaker or security system to make your home completely as a smart home. But such integration requires the smart home hub to connect all the devices for the proper working of the smart home door lock system.

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What are the Features of a Smart Lock?

A smart door lock system becomes a favorite option for many homeowners to enhance the level of security when compared to the mechanical door lock system. You can buy smart door lock to increase the level of security but ensure that you are buying a reputable brand such as Yale smart door lock. To know the different brands available on the market, you can buy smart door lock online. Digital smart locks are changing the trends and lifestyle and taking us to a new digital era of a secured locking system.

Authentication Methods:

During the past days, there is only one authentication method such as the mechanical key available. But now with the advanced technology, there are several digital locking systems such as the smart door lock with camera, etc. introduced on the market. Let us see them briefly.

  • PIN codes – In this type of locking system, numerical codes are used as authentication and they are also known as digital keypad locks. Such smart locks accept numerical characters of 4 and 12 digits combinations. So the user doesn’t have to use any key to open the door. Samsung smart door lock provides this numeric code option for users.
  • Security Tokens - Some of the other smart lock models use a security token and scan it for authentication. The device to authenticate is the proximity card that is small enough to fit in your wallet or pocket.
  • Biometrics – One of the powerful authentication methods introduced at the beginning of the smart lock technology is the biometric system. Biometrics means the main door smart lock system where the person has to use their unique physical features such as fingerprint or hand geometry or eye scan or voice as recognition for the door to lock and unlock it. Though there are many advanced smart lock systems introduced, people still prefer the smart fingerprint door lock as a great option. These hi-tech authentication methods are becoming much popular and breakthrough of the century as well.
  • Additional features – Some of the best smart door lock systems allow for multiple ways to unlock or lock the door. This means you can use the PIN code or proximity cards or eye scan or any other authentication system to lock or unlock the door. Nowadays, some public and private organizations use the main door smart lock system for enhancing their security and most places like IT sectors use a glass door smart lock system to provide security.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Smart Lock:

Before buying the Smart lock, you should consider the following features.

  • Check the door’s compatibility - The first thing you have to check is the compatibility of the door system. Smart locks work by ensuring that your deadbolt will lock or unlock automatically. But you need to check whether the door locks or unlocks itself when you push or pull it. In most cases, people prefer a smart lock front door to ensure overall security. So checking the deadbolt is necessary to ensure the work of a smart lock. After finding any issue over the deadbolt, you can replace it with the new one.
  • Smart lock connecting it to WiFi – There are different connection standards that you have to check for using it with the smart lock such as Bluetooth, Z-Wave, and the internet connection. After connecting it to one of the standards, you can control the lock of the smart lock.

How to Unlock Your Lock?

Now you have to decide how to unlock the smart door lock system, as various authentication methods available on the market such as PIN code, fingerprint, eye scan, etc. choose the right one.

Why You Need a Smart Lock?

Before you are buying the smart lock system, consider the reason why you are buying the one. If you need security for the sliding door, then choose the right sliding door smart lock system. Also, consider your smart door lock price by comparing it with other brands’ prices on the market.

After considering the above features, buy the right smart lock system and increase the level of security to your house.

Smart Door Lock Price

Smart Door LocksPrices
Godrej Advantis Technosecure Digital Door Lock
Rs. 29,640
Ozone RFID Card Digital Door Lock
Rs. 12,271
Ozone Digital Door Lock with RFID Card & User Pin Code Access
Rs. 13,805
Ozone 4 in 1 Access Digital Door Lock
Rs. 16,873